What Is The Cheapest Time Of The Year To Travel?

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There are lots of ways to reduce the cost of travelling. One factor that can make a big difference is the time of the year. 

Prices change throughout the year based on various factors. One big factor is demand – prices tend to be more expensive when more people are travelling. Consequently, beach destinations are more expensive in the summer and ski destinations are more expensive in the winter. 

When there’s less demand, hotels and airlines are likely to slash their prices in order to encourage more people to travel. But just when is the cheapest time of the year?

The global average cheapest month to travel seems to be March. An average night in a hotel is £86/night in March. The most expensive month meanwhile is September in which hotel prices are an average of £98/night.

It’s worth emphasising that this is the global average – the average price does vary considerably from continent to continent. The infographic below offers more information on the cheapest and most expensive month to visit each continent. 

Travelling during the cheapest months does have its drawbacks. There are often reasons as to why the demand is lower – the weather may be worse, plus certain hotels and attractions may be closed. It’s worth doing your research before you book any flights to make sure that there’s still enough things to see and do. Quite often, the cheapest months aren’t great for ‘holidays’, however they can still be great for travelling – you’ll often get to experience the less touristy side of a location. 

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