What Type Of Vacation Will You Choose This Year?

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People travel for a variety of different reasons, and most of us wish we were on the road (or sky) all the time. Some people travel all year long and more, and they do it while working and raising families. Unfortunately, that’s not possible for every person out there, but there are still so many different travel options that will suit people. There is always a method of travel that works for you; it’s just about finding the right one.

Travel brings us so much more than we think. We go on to see the beaches and the oceans; we travel to see what the cities have to bring. We also travel to go and experience new food – most important of all. The world has a list of cuisines that are worth travelling for more than anything. The cultures and people out there need to be discovered and explored, but the question is the style in which you plan to travel.

So, with that in mind, we’re going to take you through a bunch of different vacation types that you can choose to go on this year. You won’t regret your choice!

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A Weekend Away

Most people love to travel but don’t have the time. Work commitments mean that the 9-5 must be adhered to, and family commitments often get in the way of six months worth of travel at once. You can go on as many weekend breaks as you can afford, and they don’t have to be abroad, either. There are so many cities to staycation in and explore in the country in which you live. You can fly, drive or get on a train out on a Friday after work and then come back Sunday evening. It’s not a long time, but often a 48-hour adventure is enough to whet your appetite enough to rebook for another one! There are so many cities and beachside towns to explore both at home and abroad. With the right adventure, you can pack your time with exciting activities and get to know the best food in town with the best reviews websites to help.

A Package Holiday

Whether you are looking at flying somewhere new and staying in a package hotel, or you decide to choose a Bolsover Cruise Club cruise and stay package, you can save a lot of money when you book a break like that. You can be taken care of from the moment you arrive at your destination, and you can have a choice about whether you want to have your food and drinks included, or you want to self-cater most of the time. The only real question is whether you wish to book a room with a minibar or if you’re happy to stay in a standard room. Families favor the package holiday, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy a cheaper vacation with the people you love!

Package vacations aren’t generally for exploration, but those on a cruise get a chance to get off and explore new locations along the way.

A Group Vacation

Backpackers and those who aren’t bringing kids are those who love a group tour. Group tours appeal to people of all backgrounds, and they mostly tour the most exciting places. Incredible monuments, museums, galleries and more are discovered on a group tour. Backpackers can hike up mountains, diving classes are a must, and you can even go to classes like cheese-making. Head to group tours in Italy and end up making authentic Italian pizza along the way! Packing out your itinerary with fun things to do is the best reason to book a group travel break. The best advantage of these types of vacations is that you’re going to be with a group of different people who are interested in the same things that you are, which means you’re far more likely to make friends. Independent travel is a fantastic way to have an adventure.

Road Tripping!

It’s a good one, and it works for groups of friends, families, coworkers and even single travellers looking for an adventure to happen. A road trip is an excellent chance to have a vacation on a budget, play to your own schedule and explore things that you’ve always wanted to discover. It’s a unique way to go off the beaten track and learn something new about yourself and your friends/family. Road tripping gives you a lot of freedom, and you can choose to change things up on a whim. If travel is going to bring you the chance to spread your wings, you can do well on a road trip.

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Volunteer Somewhere Great

Volunteering isn’t just you heading to Africa to help orphans. You can volunteer in war-torn countries, organic farms in Italy and even in the schools of Korea. Volunteering takes the rose-tinted glasses off of a location and allows you to gain some valuable experience in another part of the world that could use your skills. There are so many places out there that need your help, and you can offer it with your spare time.

Long Term Vacation

We’ve all had that feeling where we go on vacation and want to stay there, and with long term vacation travel, you can. You start off on vacation for a couple of weeks, and then you take several months or longer to make your way around to all the other places you’ve been dying to see. You have the chance to soak up the culture, enjoy the food and meet new people who will change your life. You may not have considered that long term travel would be for you, but this is a lifestyle choice and a chance to change your life, so plan it carefully – this is going to be life for you when you choose long-term travel!

Gap Year Travel

Mostly a gap year is reserved for those in-between high school and college. Some people use it to volunteer abroad; others use it for throwing off the educational shackles and finding their feet as an independent individual. The thing is, nothing is stopping you from taking a gap year from your life. Taking a moment from your life and taking the time to see the things that you’ve always wanted to see and enjoy life in a way you’ve always wanted to enjoy it. You can take the time from your career and if you can work remotely, take it with you! As long as you have an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world.

A Visiting Vacation

The last type of travel is the one that you do to do the yearly roundup with the relatives! Driving or flying coast to coast is fun and most of the time, you can stay with friends on your way, which can save you a ton of cash. It’s one of the perfect ways to build memories while seeing new places, especially if you haven’t seen people in a very long time. Visiting your loved ones is a must.

Travel is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave and the courageous and for those who want to see the things that they’ve never seen. It takes guts to travel – even those weekend breaks are gutsy! Take the time to plan your trip and make it one to remember; you’ll never regret travelling the world and having new experiences. There’s nothing more fun than jumping coast to coast!

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