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What You Should Know About Color Copy Printing

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Did you know that color copy printing wasn’t always as prevalent as it is today? Back in the 90s, color printing was considered too expensive. Some printing companies opted not to offer color or charged a higher fee. The higher prices were due to the printing companies needing a particular type of printer for color. In today’s modern times, color printers are much more common. Did you know that printing companies need a special printer for color? If you didn’t, you’d be surprised at what else goes into color copy printing.

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How Does Color Copy Printing Work?

Professional color copy printing services utilize a specific machine called a color copier. A color copier can print in full color and copy in black and white. Color copiers are able to print color by using three main colors:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow

These colors can work by layering on top of each other to create the desired colors. The process starts by passing a black-and-white image through a scanner. The scanner separates the image into different colors and is reproduced by lasers. A color copier can create any color you can think of by monitoring and adjusting how much of each color is used.

Different Types of Color Copiers

The next time you use a color copy printing service, keep in mind that a lot goes into the trade. There are two different types of color copiers for particular purposes.

  • Digital Color Copier: Digital copiers create a digital image of the copied content. A digital color copier is best for when you need a high amount of copies.
  • Analog Color Copier: Analog color copiers use an electrostatic process to produce copies. This type of copy is less expensive and can be used for smaller batches of printing. However, the quality will be of lesser value.

Color copiers can be purchased. If you can’t afford one presently, you can always opt for a high-quality color copy printing service. Utilizing a printing service for a one-off project will cost less in the long run. Invest in your own color copier only if you use it often. Otherwise, it will only be gathering dust in your office, and you will have wasted a good chunk of money. Additionally, both digital and analog color copiers require special paper when printing. The special paper will add on to the funds of the color copier.

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