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When Do You Need To Make Home Improvements?

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Home improvements are both a blessing and a curse. As a homeowner, you have the possibility to adapt your house to your needs and to create a place that is perfectly suited to you and your family. But, home improvements are ultimately another way of saying that the home you bought requires further investment to fulfil its purpose. As a result, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to try to make do; after all, home improvements come at a cost. More often than not, it’s tricky to get a possible return on your investment – indeed, you’re unlike to recover your expenses. But don’t let the ROI of homeownership stop you. There are specific situations in which making home improvements is the best thing you could do with your property.

living room

When you’re trying to sell

It’s fair to say that if you’re in the process of selling your property, improvement works are designed to add value to your home. Making sure that some of your home features don’t act as a turn-off for buyers is crucial and implies renovation works! The typical culprit is the kitchen. As it’s a room that tends to show signs of wear and tear, you want your kitchen to make a positive impression on potential buyers without breaking the bank. Simple replacements such as switching the cabinet front doors to the latest designs give a modern look and feel without remodelling the room. Similarly changing some of your appliances for new models can also help to add up to 15% to the value of your home.

When you’ve got a list of issues

Your property is likely to need additional work and repair as you move in – and you might not have noticed everything that needed doing when you first visited. The RICS condition report and mortgage valuation you get can lack details, even though many homeowners use them as a base for their offer. A homebuyer survey offers a comprehensive and detail report of major indoor and outdoor features as well as utility systems, highlighting defects and their seriousness, helping you to define when to start home improvements. You can find everything you need to know about a homebuyer survey here; as well as how to book your next survey!

When you can save money through the process

Making your home better can also reflect on future expenses, such as bringing green improvements to your home. The Green Deal grants, for instance, can let you make cost- and energy-saving improvements to your household, using governmental grants to partially or fully finance the works. This type of projects run only through authorised Green Deal organisations.

When you’ve fallen out of love with your interior

When was the last time you’ve changed your decor? After a few years, the bright and exciting living room can feel dull and lifeless. You’ve stopped enjoying your interior. That’s where a few refreshing touches can help you to fall back in love with your home. Tap into the latest trends by adding artisanal fixtures to inject some personality, or using elegant copper accents to create an accent.

Home improvements are typically dictated by an essential reason; namely, your home needs to change. Whether you’re trying to sell, fix serious issues, reduce your carbon footprint or revive your interior, your definition of improvement will determine when the time is right.


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