When is an Outdoor Kitchen Genuinely Worth the Investment?

outdoor kitchen garden bar

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Among the most pressing questions a homeowner may encounter when considering giving their outdoor space new functionality is whether the investment will pay off and contexts when it’s worth the struggle. The outdoor kitchen has seen an astronomical rise in demand ever since the pandemic’s inception, whatsoever, and the trend won’t stop anytime soon. 

Once regarded as a luxurious feature only met in lavish homes, outdoor kitchens are no longer an addition that makes one raise their eyebrows. Instead, they’ve become common and one of the elements that homebuyers today aren’t willing to sacrifice. 

If you’re pondering whether an “entertainer’s dream patio” is worth the investment, here are some of the primary situations when the project will be met with success, and you’ll thank yourself for carrying it out. 

outdoor kitchen garden bar

When you plan on selling the property sometime in the future

Outdoor kitchens can be some of the most expensive home improvement projects you can think of. Just like with any other room where you handle gas-based appliances like the oven or those that emit heat, you’ll need to follow certain specific guidelines in order to control them safely and under local rules. Installing such elements also requires extensive work because you’ll need a dedicated electrical circuit, plumbing and fuel lines, and other implementations to power electrical appliances and have running water. Needless to say, these don’t come for free or cheap, so you must carefully balance numerous factors to make the best-informed decisions. However, one thing that comforts those fretting about the costs of such an undertaking is that an outdoor kitchen will boost the selling price of their property.

Outdoor kitchens now belong to the category of additions that witness increased demand from today’s and tomorrow’s house buyers, with this preference beginning to concretize after the pandemic kicked in and homeowners discovered the importance of creating a comfortable and more practical setting in their dwellings. More and more real estate participants consider ways to meet this demand, as a simple outdoor kitchen can distinguish between a successful and unfavourable home selling price negotiation. Features like power outlets integrated into furniture, handleless kitchen doors, or a smart lighting system can significantly raise the value of a kitchen, and with it, it drags up the estimation of the overall property. 

Some homeowners would never invest in a home without a built-in outdoor kitchen. For forward-looking reasons like these, investing in an outdoor kitchen is more likely to pay off than many other home improvement projects.

Whenever cooking in high temperatures feels like a pain

Summers are, for many, the greatest season of the year, given the many possibilities to indulge in nature-oriented activities and sports, dress as lightly as possible and have long days off to travel to different places. However, as pleasant as it can be regarding leisure time, it’s equally stressful when you’re a cooking enthusiast and use kitchen appliances when the scorching sunshine is at its peak.

Having an outdoor kitchen can be a true godsend when you don’t want the preparations’ smell to fill the home, cook for numerous people, struggle to maintain the household’s temperature at a decent level, or simply find the humidity and closed-in feeling intolerable. By crafting and acting on your intention to develop an outdoor kitchen, you will no longer stress about humidity, too tight of a room, a mess that’s exhausting to clean, or larger bills due to the extensive use of the HVAC system. With regards to the latter’s blessing, you’ll cut the electricity bill by decreasing the monthly amount of energy that would otherwise be consumed to use systems like the AC or cooker hood. If you decide on concrete flooring, it not only lightens the load of cleaning during cooking or unnecessary heating but also guarantees a mere splash of water is enough to immaculate it.

Anytime you need extra space

Few homeowners are unfamiliar with insufficient space or the pressing need to expand the existing indoor area. New utilities and ideas arise constantly, and the myriad online ideas on making a space more versatile and valuable can mislead one into believing the desire to have just enough space for any activity that could cross their mind will never be fulfilled. However, this shouldn’t be the case for those with plenty of outdoor space that’s out of use or that could be employed for better purposes. Building a kitchen on the outdoor space that’s lying dormant will expand the size of your home since you’ll have extra room left to provide any other functionality besides prepping meals.

Alternatively, you can simply invest in an outdoor or indoor kitchen. The former will complement the latter and help you increase the living space and room intended for leisure without interfering with any indoor structure. This project greatly advantages large families and will pay off if you choose to sell the property since you’ll attract a specific category of buyers whose needs are more challenging to satisfy by most houses on the market.

Benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen 

The most rewarding ones you can expect from creating a nature-surrounded kitchen:


When it comes to outside entertainment, few things can come as close as outdoor kitchens. The cooking spaces nowadays are more than mere rooms intended for practical activities like prepping and serving meals, as they have long gained the title of social epicentres where gatherings take place and everyone feels at home. For example, imagine an evening dedicated to preparing and savouring delectable dishes with a delicious beverage. Your family and guests can gather in a spacious outdoor kitchen and have a great time socializing without dealing with the limitations of a crowded, stuffy indoor cook room.

Entertainment area

Unlike indoor kitchens, which have a few extra functionalities besides cooking and serving as social hubs, outdoor ones can double as living rooms or spaces for entertainment, barbaque prepping, or partying. This means you’ll no longer be obstructed when throwing birthday parties or organizing a memorable Saturday night with friends because outdoor kitchens permit more freedom to move around, and your guests won’t feel as cramped.

From smokers and grills, numerous culinary activities you can unfold here aren’t suitable for indoor kitchens. Oven-baked pizzas, for instance, are tasty, but those cooked in outside brick ovens are irresistible.

Increased use of space

As outlined above, outdoor kitchens unlock a whole category of activities otherwise unfeasible when working in an indoor cooking area. Some potential features or ideas that you can include in your outside space to maximize the space’s practicality are the following:

  • Cooking appliances like warming drawers or power burners
  • Visual and audio additions like wireless sound systems
  • Beverage fridge or refrigerator
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Pergolas for shade.

So, are you willing to increase the practicality of your home and create more entertainment opportunities, or do you find your current home layout adequately fulfills your requirements?

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