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When Is It Time To Reinvent Your Look?

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Changing your image can be an empowering process, but the timing can be important to really help maximise what you get out of it.

Many people shop for clothes out of boredom or procrastination. Moreover, an article by the guardian highlighted that even grief and pain could be motivators for buying new clothes, so perhaps surprisingly, there is rather a lot to contend with here. It’s important that every purchase is a good one, and that reinventing your look is a positive step in your life.

So, with all of this in mind, when can it be the right time to change your look?

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Making an Impression

Big life events are a perfect excuse to reinvent yourself and make an incredible first impression.

Starting a new job, moving to a new town, getting married; there are so many moments in life that are ripe for your reinvention that can help people perceive you in a new light. Sometimes, what you wear sells your new personality and highlights every nuance you’re bringing to the table. If the mood for the new you has already stricken you and you’re thrilled at the idea of impressing others, why wait?

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Making a Stand

Some fashion brands are better than others not just by pricing and offerings, but by their ethics too.

For example, many people turn to JD Sports for all their sporting wears. However, in 2016 their working conditions were described as being ‘worse than a prison’, which is incredibly telling about how the company operates. It’s quite clear by this that their values do not align with those of the average man or woman on the street.

But what does this mean for your look? Well, if your sporting outfits were previously assembled out of JD Sport products, you may find it suitable to shop elsewhere considering these kinds of controversies. Sometimes, reinventing your look can about your ethics and your sense of right and wrong, and not just rocking a killer ensemble.

Making Yourself Better

Fashion doesn’t need to be about what other people think about you – it can just be about what you think about yourself.

As a Guardian reader recently noted, ’fashion’ can mean wearing clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable, and sometimes that’s the only incentive you need to reinvent your look. If you’re feeling stuck or confined in slim jeans or you’d like to put constricting dresses on ice, that’s all perfectly valid. There’s no better reason to reinvent your look than to give yourself a mood boosting lift.

Some people only see their self-perceived flaws when they look in the mirror, but if the right clothes help you get past that, then more power to you! Your new outfit can be just the ticket to get you through the day and help you keep your head up, so reinventing yourself on that level is to be forever encouraged!

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