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Why Choose Solar Powered Outdoor Lights for Your Garden

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Powered by solar panels, they absorb daylight and convert it to electrical energy, charging your lights so they’re ready to go at night. During the day, solar energy is converted to electricity and stored in a battery. During the night, the stored power lights the LED bulbs. It then signals to turn on the LED lights. Similarly, when the photosensor detects sunlight (dawn), it cuts the circuit between the battery and the LEDs preventing the battery from powering the LEDs. Solar lights are a lighting system comprising an LED lamp, solar panels, a charge controller, a battery, and an inverter.

These Richmond Solar Stake Lights from are a great example of all the positives you can expect when deciding to buy outdoor solar lights. I can’t wait to install them during the summer in our new house, but for now, they will do a nice job on the balcony flower pots. All sorts of beautiful solar lights options available in their web shop: stake lights, fairy strings lights, lanterns and festoons.

lights4fun solar lights

Why Choose Solar Powered Outdoor Lights for Your Garden

They are cheap

They definitely are, if you compare the costs on the long run. The upfront cost of the device might be a little more expensive to a conventional, plug-in device (although, this isn’t even the case anymore in a lot of cases) but because solar lights run on free, renewable energy of the sun light – there isn’t any running cost. They only require batteries changed in every 5-7 years or less, and they are built to last 20 years!

They are easy to install

Solar lights are really hassle-free: no wires or additional power is needed, solar light installation is super simple. They can be installed practically anywhere as long as there is access to sunlight. Usually, solar lights are simply fixed to a surface, simply stake them into a sunny spot or slotted into a small, drilled hole.They can be used as ground lighting, bollards, lamps, or even in roofs – perfect for outhouses and sheds. 

They are mobile

Because they are so easy to install and no wires required, solar lights are very portable. You can pick up your solar lights and position them wherever you desire. This way, if part of your garden doesn’t receive enough sunlight, you will be able to reposition the solar-powered lights to soak up the sunlights.

lights4fun solar lights

They are eco-friendly

The lights are powered by the sun, so it’s a clean, renewable energy that powers the solar lights. No emissions whatsoever. Solar electricity also helps conserve energy and that’s another reason why they are environment-friendly. Most of them has a warm light and no upward spillage, so they can even reduce light pollution with great effects on nocturnal animals. 

They save you money

Solar lights will save money on electricity bills and batteries. With the right lights, you can have effective, automatic garden lighting that won’t break the bank. Another reason is the low maintenance of solar lights. They’re built with extremely durable and weatherproof materials. 

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