Why Every Estate Agency Should Be Using Custom Booklet Printing

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Although online marketing has changed the landscape for all industries there is still a place for traditional marketing such as printed materials. Looking for services that offer booklet printing online is an important part of promoting any business, but it is a process that estate agents are finding incredibly useful. Print marketing is a useful promotional tool and can be used effectively when placed alongside digital marketing endeavours.

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Working with a supplier of booklet printing online is the best way to ensure that you have all the printed marketing materials that you require to showcase the talents of your estate agency, promote new listings, and to highlight the services that you offer to your customers, both sellers and buyers of commercial and residential properties.

Benefits of booklet printing for Estate Agents

There are a few big benefits to utilising booklet printing online as an estate agent. It provides that perfect tool to wow an audience, to draw them in and to show off what you are all about.

Print gives you something in your hand – there is something tangible about holding a printed brochure in your hand. A fresh marketing booklet for an estate agent has that feel, that textural element, the smell of fresh print, that just can’t be matched by online marketing platforms. It provides you with something you can keep and go back to whenever you want or need to and can be used as a starting point for all connections you make with potential customers.

Legitimise your marketing – you want your marketing efforts to be taken seriously and with traditional print marketing you have that credible foundation that is trusted by the general public. If a customer is looking at potential homes to buy, high-value properties at that, print can often be perceived as a much more trusted and secure way to be given the information they are looking for.

Establish your brand – it takes time to build a brand, and this can be achieved through a variety of platforms. Printed materials are a fantastic way to add to your brand and to utilise imagery that sticks in the minds of your customers and potential customers. Think about different images, colour schemes and logos that can be seen throughout your booklet printing offer.

Engage with your target audience – not all of your potential customers will be happy to solely view online marketing platforms. Print is a fantastic way to genuinely engage with a wide audience, reaching a potentially fruitful target market in an effective way. In some cases, print marketing can be used as a springboard to engage with your target audience in a variety of ways through digital platforms. If you think about how hard it is to engage with an audience on digital platforms (you sometimes have seconds to grab their attention before they scroll past or move to another page), whereas print is harder to put down if it is done well.

Offer an alternative – with most companies in many industries turning to digital marketing as the only way they interact with customers and potential customers. This gives an advantage to any companies that decide to go back to traditional print marketing and to use that as a central part of their marketing approach. Email marketing is often ignored, websites and social media is always fleeting and gone in seconds. Print marketing is there for good, a robust option to take advantage of.

What to include in a booklet for an Estate Agent

How do you use print marketing and booklets to wow your audience as an estate agent? Selling or buying a home is not just a simple business transaction, it is a way to tell a story. Selling a property is about creating a compelling tone, a story that helps to showcase your property listings in a way that truly catches the eye.

It will give you a chance to showcase what your company is all about, your unique selling points, and to humanise your brand in an effective, warm way. For the general booklet that you print online you can include a meet the team section to show your friendly, familiar team, have testimonials from previous clients, including case studies, community and local initiatives that showcase the social responsibility of the brand, as well as a helpful moving home checklist.

Finding a respectable and effective service for booklet printing online will go a long way to helping your estate agent business create the perfect blend of print and digital marketing to wow an audience of potential future customers. It can help you to showcase your brand ideals, highlight the friendly expertise your team has to offer, and provides a solid foundation for brand building in an authentic, legitimate form of marketing that speaks to a wide audience.

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