Why is Underfloor Heating the Better Option for Your Home?

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Why is Underfloor Heating the Better Option for Your Home?

 It seems like the fantastic weather we enjoyed over the summer is fading into a distant memory, as the temperatures have dropped and the nights are getting dark earlier. It was nice whilst it lasted but now we have got to that stage of the year where it is time that we need a bit of additional warmth in our homes, either from turning the heating on or through underfloor heating kits from underfloor heating trade supplies.

Traditionally, there is a perception about underfloor heating being very expensive to install but now that you can buy your very own kit to go under your laminate, carpet or even concrete, it is more affordable than ever before. So before the nights get really cold and every morning is a personal battle to drag yourself out of bed into the cold house, it is the perfect time to explore the idea of getting underfloor heating. Just imagine never having to step out of a nice hot shower onto an icy cold bathroom floor ever again!

Why is Underfloor Heating the Better Option for Your Home?

The benefits of installing underfloor heating

Energy savings 

There are many different benefits to having underfloor heating installed in your home, most significantly the savings that you can make from your heating bills. Because underfloor heating kits are able to maintain the optimal level of warmth in your home, you will not unnecessarily over-use energy by having the temperature too hot. It uses every single unit of energy, whilst less efficient ways of heating the home can waste energy units.

Your underfloor heating can be felt almost straight away across the surface area of the floor, instead of waiting for a radiator’s heat to reach across the whole cubic area of the room. This means that you can use energy for just those times when you most want to be warm, like when you get out of bed in the morning and don’t have to worry about turning the heating on an hour before just so that it will warm up in time.

Less maintenance required 

With underfloor heating, the simplistic heating system calls for less maintenance because there are less things that can go wrong with it. If you think about all of the different parts of a full central heating system, there are so many elements that can break or leak. With underfloor heating, you will be paying less in terms of replacement parts and other maintenance costs.

Saving space

Whilst modern radiators can be designed to provide more space by going vertically up the wall and other workarounds, they are still using up space that could be used or could help open the room up. Underfloor heating removes the need for bulky radiators hogging your wall space, as everything is installed under your flooring.

Flexibility to work with different floor types

You are not constrained to a specific floor type with underfloor heating, as it can be used with carpet, laminate, hardwood and even concrete surfaces. Each different surface type has a specially engineered heating solution that works best with that type of surface.

Even spread of heating 

If you have ever argued about who gets the side of the bed nearest to the radiator, or who sits in the chair that gets warm first, you will understand the benefit of having heating the spreads evenly through the room, from the floor upwards. Or sometimes you find that the person who is closest to the radiator gets too hot, whilst others in the room are feeling cold – the evenness of heating achieved by underfloor heating takes that problem away.


Radiators can get very hot and if you have small children, you want to make sure that they are safe from feeling the burn of a hot radiator. The responsive thermostat will ensure that the temperatures stay comfortable and there is no danger of touching hot metal radiators.

Forget the myth that underfloor heating is expensive and you will soon start to see that having it installed will actually save you money over the long-term. You can reduce your carbon footprint and make considerable savings through the use of energy-efficient underfloor heating. Even if you do not want to go through a complete flooring overhaul there are other solutions like the retro-fitting solution that is less disruptive to your home.

As we inch closer and closer to the cold winter months, you have just enough time to make sure that this winter is your family’s most cosy and comfortable one ever with affordable and quick to install underfloor heating.


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