Why Monarch Water Pumps Offer the Best Value for Flood Control

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Just like water itself, a water pump is both forceful and powerful. When flood waters span over an area or at a construction site, you can use a water pump to clear away the liquid. You can also use a pump to remove water from a pool or spa.

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Monarch Water Pumps Used for Dewatering

Needless to say, if you’re dealing with a flooding problem, you’ll need to consider the best water pump brand to use. Water pumps come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for the job at hand. Monarch water pumps offer submersible and portable designs that make dewatering a quicker and easier process.

If you need to remove water, for instance, at a construction site, you’ll need to slope the area of the flooding to drain water away from the site. This means you’ll need to pump the surface water to another location or drill several well-points in the ground around the work site. This will allow you to artificially reduce the water table where you are working.

For dewatering a site, submersible pumps are both affordable and effective. The encapsulated pumps are submerged fully in water, and can also be used in draining liquids with suspended solids from tanks or pits.

Energy-Saving and Innovative Pump Designs

Today’s submersible pumps highlight pump and impeller designs with increased efficiency. For instance, pumps feature non-clog impellers as a standard feature. They may also include variable frequency drives (VFDs) that maintain the speed of the pump, which saves on energy.

When a submersible pump is used, it is usually based on suction lift. While you can use an end drive centrifugal pump in some cases, a submersible is recommended when the lift is over 25 feet.

You can find submersibles in both electric and gas models. Electric units are more common, as they are more easily installed and do not require as much maintenance.

Therefore, if you purchase an electric pump, you need to make sure of the power usage. If your power is not sufficient, the pump will eventually fail. This is especially important to remember if you’re pumping water in a remote location.

Final Thoughts

A water pump is a simple but essential tool for removing water from a flooded locale. By using the suction created by the pump, water can be quickly and easily removed. This makes the device an invaluable tool at construction sites and in zones that tend to flood occasionally.

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