Why Upgrading Your Mattress Is Important

family on mattress

If you’ve had your mattress for a long time now, perhaps you may be debating whether or not you need a new one. While the majority opinion suggests that yes, a new mattress is a great benefit, you may also argue that it’s going to be quite costly. But, remember: it’s in the room you’re going to spend much of your resting time. And, if you’re working a lot, you shouldn’t skimp on your rest and sleep quality.

If you’re waking up feeling tired, stiff, and with body pains, perhaps it’s now time for you to upgrade your mattress. Yes, you need to do so, for these reasons:

family on mattress

1. You Need Proper Back Support

When you sleep or lay down in your bed, you’re essentially in a resting position. And, when you’re in a rest position, this means all your weight is on the bed. Over time, it’s natural for the bed to sag, or to lose its shape. With more and more pressure from your body, it starts to lose its ability to give you the proper back support that you need. Hence, you may fail to realize it, but perhaps your bed is now the root cause of the discomfort that you’ve been feeling. If you allow this to continue, you’re the one suffering the most – and your health suffers as well.

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2. Your Allergies May Worsen

Even if you regularly change your sheets and vacuum your mattress, this doesn’t mean you’re safe from all the unwelcomed matter that may accumulate on your bed. In ten years, it’s found that the weight of your bed is going to double. This weight usually comes from the accumulation of small particles that collect over time. But, the bad news is that these aren’t good particles. These are germs and bacteria that can worsen allergies over time. For instance, dead skin cells, body sweat, and mites tend to increase over a decade and can irritate your senses.


3. You’ll Meet The Needs Of Your Family

This section applies if you’ve got a growing family – and a large one at that. As your family grows, you’ll need more space. Especially if you still co-sleep. While co-sleeping with your children won’t be permanent, this doesn’t mean you have to squeeze into a small bed. In situations such as this, it’s now’s the best time for you to upgrade to a king-sized bed instead.

While it may be costly, think of it as an investment not just for your health, but for that of your children. Sleep is essential for your children’s development, and you can’t expect them to have good quality sleep when they can’t even stretch their legs and move around comfortably. And, the same holds for you, too.

Even more importantly, think of the safety of the children as well. The more space you have in your bed to sleep comfortably, the less likely you are to sleep on top of one of your children. Sleeping without significant room can be risky, especially if you have very small children.

4. Your Mattress May No Longer Be As Durable

Just like any other thing in this world, a mattress has its lifespan as well. Don’t expect your mattress to be able to live beyond its stated lifespan, without a sacrifice on its quality. The last thing that you want is for your family to be sleeping on a mattress that’s no longer as durable. Lack of durability long term can cause the inner springs to sag and can also cause problems with supporting adequate sleep. This is why it’s important to upgrade your mattress when your old one starts to deteriorate. If you are looking for a durable mattress then you may want to consider a Sealy mattress. As proof of their superior quality, all Sealy mattresses are completely covered by a 5-Year Manufacturer Guarantee which is proof of their durability!


As a general rule, even the best quality mattresses only have an average lifespan of between five to ten years. If your mattress has lived a life beyond that period, then you should definitely consider purchasing a new one. Albeit costly, remember this is an expense that is worth it. Of all the places in your house, your bedroom should be one of those that you’re going to invest in – to ensure that it gives you the best and optimum sleep possible.

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