Why Use More Eco Friendly Products When You Have Kids


As life becomes more stressful, more hectic and more dynamic, it is very tempting to go for ultramodern cleaning products that promise to make even the most burdensome tasks a lot easier. Are you in need of an over degreaser? Next time when you are out there on a hunt for it, you grab the one which says: “A hundred percent guaranteed removal of all types of stains”. However, have you ever thought about its ingredients?

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It does not matter whether you are a professional housekeeper or just a neat freak who is into cleaning on a regular basis, next time take your time to read the label of the bottle. Most of the detergents on the contemporary market contain harsh chemicals which can be very detrimental to your health- and your children’s and domestic pets’ health. When people actually reconsider the ingredients, they are looking for more eco-friendly solutions.

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Healthy home, healthy you

When you decide to go green, your skin and your kids’ skin will be protected because no harsh chemicals will absorb into it. Those chemicals can be very detrimental, especially for family members who suffer various allergic reactions. Many studies show that making use of a cleaning detergent, even once per week, increases the risk of asthma development and other respiratory problems.

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Cleaner Environment

Changing to more environmentally responsible and greener solutions, actually reduce pollution to the air and the waterways. Most of the products, classified as green and safe, use recyclable packaging which reduces the amount of waste as well.


Standard cleaning materials and detergents may cause chemical burns to the skin and the eyes are saying from Tidy London. You do not want to put your children in such danger, do you? Green products are not corrosive and are children-friendly. Our advice is to replace all your old harmful and toxic cleaning products with green and safe ones. On some labels, you can see “biodegradable” or “ecological”. On your next trip to the supermarket, make sure to choose a product labelled with such classification.

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All these reasons are just part of all the benefits green clean lead to. We all know that all these store-bought products appear to be strong against all types of dirt and stains, but few of us know that these products are far from safe for us, our children and pets. As I was suspicious about their health impact, I decided to go green. I made a few online researches and some home-made cleaners did attract my attention. Ever since I found out about the opportunity to make my own cleaners at home and be safe while using them, I am more relaxed about my children’s safety as well.

I will share with you some ideas and if you decide to give them a try you will see for yourself that they are green, inexpensive and very easy to make.

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White vinegar and baking soda

A mixture of baking soda and white vinegar can work miracles to your home. It is an efficient and natural way to clean sticky and dirty surfaces, to disinfect the bathroom or to refresh the fridge. These homemade cleaners is absolutely kid-friendly as we use these products daily in the kitchen.

Essential oils

These little helpers are antibacterial and come at a wide range of types- tea tree oil, citrus oil, etc. You can use them for disinfecting countertops, furniture, stoves, etc. Some parents even use essential oils to clean toys so you can be sure about their safety.

To protect your health and your family members’ health avoid using toxic cleaning products and go for green and children-friendly materials. Not only are they safer but cheaper as well.

This is a collaborative post.

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Nadia November 27, 2017 - 1:17 pm

I loved reading this. We have definitely made some changes since having our son. This was very helpful, thank you. x

Rachel November 27, 2017 - 5:14 pm

I totally agree with your comments, some of the ingredients in commercial cleaners are just plain scary! For a lot of our cleaning, we use Castile soap, which is gentle. I really need to try your white vinegar and baking soda idea, too. Useful post – thanks!


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