Why We’re Living All Wrong and How Humour Can Help

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By Dan Rowland, Mr. Inappropriate

Problem 1: we’re not designed for this

We haven’t changed a great deal in the last hundred thousand years or so.

You probably don’t remember, but back then it was much simpler: all we needed to worry about was what to eat or f*ck, or how to avoid being a victim of either.

And maybe a little focus on where to shit and sleep.

Now we are expected to deal with the world as it is today.

To instantly deal with job, credit cards, loan payments, 6 different types of insurance, mortgage, hundreds of emails, fixing the wobbly toilet, looking good, car problems, gardening, broken dishwasher, complicated relationships and everything else.

To quickly process all this despite not having (biologically) progressed much since the time when all we did was live in a field with a goat. 

mr inappropriate post

Problem 2: perspective

One skill we have learned over the generations is about focus, prioritisation and perspective.

A bit like when something is physically close, when it’s something we’re focussing our attention on it also seems bigger than it is.

You must have noticed this yourself: whether it’s the document you’re writing for work, the shoelace that’s a bit too short or the turd on the windscreen – at the time they all seem like much more of a big important thing than they really are.

It makes sense that we’ve evolved to be like this, but because there is always something that demands our attention, it puts us in a place where we never actually see the elements of our lives with any sort of well-balanced perspective.

While struggling to cope with everything life throws at us, as mentioned earlier, having our attention constantly pulled from one ‘important’ thing to the next makes it hard for us to take a moment to just be. To just experience life as it truly is (or as close as anyone can get).

Problem 3: you can probably guess

If obsessively focussing on our inflated problems which we’re ill-equipped to cope with is not enough, we have a new problem: we are no longer allowed to relax and be ourselves for fear of offending someone.

So we have to keep our guard up, make sure we don’t say the wrong thing, while at the same time worrying about our problems and coping with everyday life.

Why it is that someone else being offended is our problem is beyond me, but that’s a conversation for another day.

So it’s hard, there is no respite, and it leaves us feeling anxious and tired.

No surprise that we can’t cope.


How humour can help

Sometimes all we need is a little kindness and a moment to giggle.

A moment to forget about all of that unimportant stuff we’re constantly plagued by.

To be whoever we are and have a moment of genuinely not giving a fuck.

To figuratively sit back and see everything from a distance, allowing the natural balance to settle.

To see the turd for what it is and just scrape it off.

What made me think like this?

Over the last twenty years I’ve worked for a number of large companies and have spent a lot of time with many people.

And I find myself wondering the same thing from time to time:

“Why does everyone seem to think this work stuff is so important?”

Why do they think that the report they’re writing, or the server they’re fixing is such a big deal?

Why do they get so stressed about it?

It’s because it’s what they’re focussing on at that moment, which makes it seem much more important than it would otherwise.

And of course, as mentioned, this applies to everything that we focus our attention on.

How do we have a break from that?

Have a good giggle and feel how the pressure is relieved, and notice how good it feels.  And practice this regularly so that we become good at switching our mood from tense to calm.

mr inappropriate post

What is Mr. Inappropriate?

Although on the surface, Mr. Inappropriate is just another website that sells rude birthday cards and funny gifts, in many ways it is different from the rest.

First, the sort of humour is a bit more creative and intelligent, have a look for yourself, you’ll get the idea.

Also, I make sure that I make contact with every customer personally and reply to every email. You can see from that reviews that people really like this and it makes them feel as though they have bought from a real person, which is very much true.

The other main thing that stands out is the email list. When you sign up you get a very kind and friendly introduction from me, inviting the you to reply to the email. When you do you get a unique ‘magic number’ from me which gives you a chance of winning one of three prizes for that month.

These giveaways are done every month and anyone who replies to any of my emails gets a magic number for that month.

Also, once you have signed up you receive one true story per week that I have written about something that happened to me. Examples of these are the true story about why I shat in my shoe in Aldi car park, how a colleague of mine got into trouble washing his balls at work, and the case of the very strange stolen turd. Altogether there are over hundred stories (so far).

I get so many people replying to these emails, just to tell me how much they love and look forward to them, and receiving a response from me very much seems to make them feel part of something.

I also invite everyone to write their own stories which are sometimes added to the sequence which makes them feel even more involved in something.

I’ve even had a couple of people email me specifically to say that my emails have a better effect on their happiness than the antidepressant medication they are on!

I am genuinely determined to help people get a break from the everyday crap, have a giggle and feel part of something whether or not they actually buy something from me. Sign up to the email list and you’ll find out for yourself.

If you have any questions about how any of this works just contact me via dan@mrinappropriate.co.uk, 01138730688 or the chat thing at the bottom of mrinappropriate.co.uk.

A couple of reviews:

You can see these reviews and others on the reviews page:

“Dan makes you feel like you’re ordering from a friend. Very quick delivery and great customer service!” – Sarah F.

“Fantastic service from start to after care. Personal replies and updates on top of the great and novel items.. i will be back.” – Gary Shepherd.

“Stop what you are doing and take a look at these hilarious items , super fast delivery and Dan the owner is so helpful and friendly, service and communication is excellent definitely recommend this place.” – Jackie Oshea.

“Birthday cards were amazing quality . The company are brilliant . Gave my friend the vibrator one she could not stop laughing just to see the smile on her face was worth the money.” – Susanne Moore.

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