Winter pregnancy – must have clothing items

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Since I’m expectant with Bobcat’s little brother or sister (we will only find it out later), I decided to shop smarter than last time. A lot smarter. No impulse buys, I know now what will defo look silly, what are the must haves and things you really, REALLY don’t need.

Luckily nowadays we don’t have to wear our partner’s shirt (unless that’s your thing) or badly tailored, oversized dresses with Peter Pan collar. We can still dress after our style, wear our signature pieces and be a women without any prefix.

Let’s start the must haves in this blog post, sort of basics list what I definitely need.

Winter. Pregnant. Sorry, but you’re the least lucky: got to buy more clothes than a summer mummy. Or maybe you are lucky ūüôā wink-wink…

  1. Maternity tights. 2 pairs of them, preferably black. Last time I bought H&M 40 DEN maternity tights in black great price for the quality: I still have them and will wear them this time.
  2. 2 pairs of trousers or jeans. Go for a black and dark blue slim or skinny fit jeans, I was even wearing them with smart shirt and blazer to work.¬†2 years ago I bought them in H&M, but now couldn’t find any black jeans I like, so I went for¬†Jojo Maman Bebe Supersoft Skinny Jeans¬†(picture No. 1) in both black and navy. Job’s done, looks great on, great quality. Just what I wanted. Another note: I do prefer over the bump designs, they are more comfortable and also warmer in winter.
  3. Leggins, a pair or two. Now these ones are coming from Jojo Maman Bebe again, since I still have one pair sitting in my wardrobe. The Comfy Cotton Rich Maternity Leggins do what they promise in their name: they are super comfy and they last (picture Nr. 2).image
  4. 2 long sleeve tops and 2 short sleeve tops. Since I really liked the jeans, I also buy tramadol online no prescription ordered 1 of their great designs:¬†Wrap Maternity Top¬†¬†in¬†beaujolais colour (raspberry).¬† The other long sleeve is a plain grey top from GAP Pure Body long-sleeve v-neck tee¬†Plus I also bought 2¬†Support camis¬†and 2 plain V-neck tees. because I had them last time and they are very comfortable, versatile and can be added as an extra layer to ant clothing item. imageAnother long sleeve top came from Seraphine:¬†Striped Side Popper Nursing Top¬†because… Well, again: ¬†I can’t live without Breton stripes even when pregnant. Also like the side poppers making the top suitable after giving birth too and looking cool at the same time. Really nice design.
  5. Dress. Maybe 2 of them, depending on your budget. When it comes to dresses, I prefer to have a sash or a belt and an empire line or a wrap over to give my pregnant figure a tone, which reminds me how I actually look when not expecting. Minus the bigger boobs of course.¬†I bought a wonderful Isabella Oliver dress as my going out dress, this one of course not the cheapest, but to be honest, not the most expensive either. And if you only buy one really good quality, premium material item which will last throughout your pregnancy and you just can’t wait for ANY occasion to wear it – it is this dress for¬†me.¬†Ivybridge Maternity Dress¬†(picture Nr.2).¬†I also bought a shirt dress from Mamalicious on ASOS¬†Mamalicious Long Sleeve Knitted Dress¬†(Picture Nr. 1) which was love at the first sight: soft grey colour, knitted and warm. I’m also a great fan of the belted shirt and thin knitted dress, so couldn’t possibly resist.


With these basics I’m still OK wearing my cardigans and blazers. When the time will come to buy some maternity jumpers and coats they will be on sale – must resist now, better to wait. ūüôā

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