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When it comes to having text, chat, video, and hanging out all in one place, you can’t get any better than Discord these days. However, it can work much more efficiently when you have the right WordPress site or theme in conjunction to make it a powerful place combining your hobbies and business ventures. Whether you’re a DJ looking to build a community of like-minded musicians or a top-notch gamer that has fun with an old-school gaming stream, you can take things to the next level with integrations for better engagement.

Luckily, there are some solid Discord plugins that you can easily integrate with WordPress. You can use learning fuze to help you learn web development before integrating WordPress and Discord. Take a look at some quality WordPress and Discord integrations to increase your user experience.

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WordPress Discord Plus Post

Here’s a plugin that allows your Discord to integrate with WordPress and WooCommerce. With this program, you can send new posts and orders to discord channels. You can configure multiple channels separately for blog posts or WooCommerce orders.

The meta box integration helps you send a specific post to Discord, which is great for interacting with your fans and organize your blogs. 


Here’s an all-rounder solid integration that has multiple features. You can notify anyone about your actions on WordPress. The merge tag feature helps with unlimited customization of your messages.

You’re able to send messages to as many recipients as you dire. If you want to send out a community message, you can select the trigger, compose the post with merge tags, set the recipients, and save the notification.

If you enjoy writing dynamic content, it’s sure to catch the attention of people on your Discord feed.


When you’re active on multiple social media networks, you may not have the time to post things yourself. WordPress allows you to save time when you’re promoting a stream or some type of engagement via Discord. Keep your visitors updated on your activity through alerts and a feed builder.

Maybe you’re introducing a new gaming stream and having a Q and A before it starts. You can write down a quick post and a countdown to get users there on time. It’ll help you increase engagement and make things more fun.

Discord Social Login

Here’s an integration that allows your users to log in and register to your site using their Discord account. You’re able to customize button text and level with ease.

Discord is a new wave of social interaction, where you can keep a community of people who enjoy chatting with you and create a loyal following for your music, gaming, or informational content.

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