Your Smile Should Not Make You Anxious

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Something as simple and beautiful as your smile should never bring you any sort of anxiety. Yet all too often, many of us are so self-conscious about how we look when we bare our teeth, that we tend to browbeat ourselves into no longer smiling in public. That is incredibly sad and not justified. Usually, it’s due to a few things. You may have crooked teeth, tooth decay, an underbite or overbite, or perhaps your gums show more than most other people when you smile. None of these factors should ever hold you back from striking a smile. There are some things you can do to abate your anxiety and smile when you feel like it.

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The look

The very first thing you’ll want to do is to work on the initial appearance of your teeth. Grey and stained teeth will prevent people from wanting to smile in public, even if they have perfect alignment. So the first thing you should do is buy toothpaste that is for whitening purposes. But you can also leave to professionals too and go to a dentist. Look up teeth whitening Norwich.

There are few options but these key ingredients must be present in whitening toothpaste.

  • Zinc citrate. This is the ingredient that helps to remove stains and get rid of grey hues.
  • Fluoride. This is a strong ingredient for people who smoke, drink alcohol, etc. It’s to remove very tough stains.
  • Sorbitol. It moisturizes the enamel, helping it to retain more water and lubricant to prevent stains from grabbing hold.
  • Xylitol. This will stop bacteria from burrowing into your teeth and causing cavities.

A gummy smile

Gummy smiles are due to a number of factors according to this dentist in Williamsburg. It could be due to the size of your teeth as they are larger than average and too big for your mouth. It could be that your lip is too small or short, and when you smile it unveils the gums. It could also be due to jaw size and shape, which factors in all of the above and makes them worse. A gummy smile, however, is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s abnormal but that’s the only reason why it may be surprising to people at first. But, it is not a sign of ill-health, bad oral hygiene, or anything negative like that. It’s purely due to your genetics and how your mouth and face are shaped. There is the option of gum contouring if you really want to fix it.



Modern aligning

If you would like to align your teeth and get that amazing smile, then do not head to your dentist to get conventional braces. Metal braces are uncomfortable, they make eating and brushing harder, they cost too much and they will last for 12-18 months. Modern invisible braces cost about a third of the price and they can get the job done in half the time. This is due to the 3D laser printing that is used to shape and design your bespoke aligners. 

Never be afraid to smile and be happy in public. Not everyone is perfect and no one should expect perfection from you. There are plenty of solutions to fix your smile, however, and you should not look past them if you are considering making your smile more beautiful.  

If you’re considering enhancing your smile, you can check out this dentist in Vienna VA to get started.

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