10 Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly And Save On Heating Too

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10 Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly And Save On Heating Too

Gas and electricity bills can be a real shock in January: the first month of the year not only can be the coldest, but the most expensive too (especially after all the money we spent during Christmas!). Turning the heating up because of the winter blues is something we probably all know: it looks grey and cold outside so we immediately feel the need of a cosy and warm home. That’s just natural. But we don’t have to break the bank with the bills, with simple and easy changes we can save lots of money as well as being kind on the environment.

I teamed up with Contact Numbers UK for their #WinterHeatingHelp campaign, to help people to save some money and the environment. Contact Numbers UK have a vast directory of customer service contact numbers that cover a variety of different industries, like British Gas. You can just pick up the phone and learn more about smart meters, flexible tariffs and how to switch provider.

I’ve put together my own list of 10 ways to keep yourself warm during the coldest months without turning the heating on.

1. Use those blankets!

I have a lot of them, neatly folded away most of the time, but I have to remind myself often to use them. Instead of turning the heating up in the evenings, cover yourself with a cosy blanket when sitting down to read or watch telly in the evenings.


2. Turn the heating DOWN!

Yes, you’ve heard well: turn the heating down just by 1 Celsius permanently. It’s not a huge difference, you probably won’t even notice it. But your wallet will notice it. This small action can save around £50 a year!

3. Put another layer on!

It makes a significant difference. Add another layer and you will surely feel less cold. Thick socks and jumpers are your best friends in winter. And have a lovely hot drink too.

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4. Work out!

Daily exercise in the winter is just what we need. The rise in your body temperature during and long after exercise keeps you warm for hours and of course healthier. Beat the cold and the extra kilos too.

5. Stop switching the heating on and off!

Familiarise yourself with your thermostat and how the timer setting work. Switching the heating on and off too often wastes energy.

6. Use smart meters!

Just get your free one from your energy provider and use it. These devices tells you exactly how much energy you used and how much did that cost.

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7. Bleed your radiators often!

Air in your radiators decreases their power, so the extra air needs to leave the system. Not doing this every so often will cause energy wasting.

8. Use a smart thermostat!

With these you can control your heating and your hot water by an app anytime and from anywhere. Forgot to turn the heating off when going away for a few days? Not a problem.

9. Get cooking!

Use the extra heat you create in your kitchen.Cooking the dinner generates some extra heat so just open the kitchen door and use that heat. Also, eating lovely warm soup or spicy food will definitely make you feel less chilly.

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10. Line, glaze, pad and close the doors!

Basically, just think about adding an extra layer to everything. Line the curtains, install double or triple glazed windows, don’t let the warmth escape. Surrounding yourself with warm colours are also a good idea!

In collaboration with Contact Numbers UK.


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Jen January 24, 2018 - 7:54 pm

Great advice! We love a snuggly blanket in our house! We have three massive ones we pull out this time of year #globalblogging

Helena January 26, 2018 - 7:37 pm

Some great tips here #Globalblogging

Heather Keet January 26, 2018 - 11:50 pm

My heat is set to 66 degrees during the winter, we are a huge fan of layers! Loved your tips on helming the environment and saving some money! #GlobalBlogging

Gina Caro February 26, 2018 - 12:16 pm

Sealing up draughts definitely helps with saving on heating bills and checking your loft insulation too. Also, double glazing helps a lot if you can afford to have new windows put in. Great post Eva

Alex February 29, 2020 - 10:04 am

Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.Thanks Again. Much obliged.


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