3 Great Places in London to Take the Kids for a Day Out

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London is world-famous for being one of those cities where there is always something to do, at any given moment, and on any given day.

Many people visit the city for its nightlife scene, while others stop by for a dose of history, and still others are drawn to visit for the many artistic and cultural attractions the city boasts. There’s lots of fantastic tours to take like Notting Hill Tour London to visit one of the most famous part of the city.

If you’re a parent with relatively young kids, and you’re looking for something to do on the weekend that would be fun for the whole family, here are a few suggested days out in London that might just do the trick.

London bus


The West End


The London theatre district of the West End is world-renowned, and is the city’s answer to Broadway, across the pond.

At any given time of the year, you’ll be able to find all sorts of hit theatrical performances being staged throughout the West End, ranging from classics that have been firmly established for decades – such as The Phantom of the Opera – to more modern and experimental works.

There are various benefits of going on a family day trip to the theatre, as opposed to the cinema. For one thing, plays are a much more immediate and vivid experience, somehow, even though they lack the special effects of Hollywood.

Sitting in the same room as the “action,” and watching from a fixed vantage point, instead of following a camera as it zooms in and out, and back and forth, is a unique and powerful experience.

If you or your kids have never been to see a play before, you might find that you’re hooked after the first one.


The British Museum (and the Natural History Museum, and the Science Museum…)

London is well known for its world-class museums, including the British Museum, where legendary artefacts such as the Rosetta Stone may be found.

In addition to the fact that London boasts many fine museums, those museums also tend to be free for admission, with special temporary displays being open to the public for an additional fee.

The British Museum focuses on the culture and history of different regions of the world, first and foremost. Then, there’s the Natural History Museum, which deals with naturalistic phenomena such as the evolution of populations of different animals.

And, of course, there’s the Science Museum, which delves into more of the specific “nuts and bolts” stuff that underpins the mechanistic world.

All that is only to scratch the surface of the numerous excellent museums you can find in the city. All of them have the potential to thrill and educate kids and parents alike.


Shakespeare’s Globe

William Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the legendary writers of the English language – which is impressive, considering that he was first and foremost a playwright.

Shakespeare was known for putting on most of his hit performances at the Globe Theatre – and today, the Globe has been reconstructed in its original style, specifically for the benefit of tourists and members of the public who want to take a trip back into the past.

During the warmer months of the year, Shakespeare’s Globe puts on a variety of theatrical performances. If you happen to be passing through London in the summertime, you’d be doing yourself and your kids a favour by checking it out.

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Kelly July 6, 2019 - 2:11 pm

Love the British museum. Another good one is the canal boat ride from Camden Lock to Little Venice (weather permitting).


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