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5 Great Reasons to Learn How to Cook

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Have you ever invested time or effort into your cooking skills? If not, it’s something that’s so worthwhile doing and will benefit you in numerous ways. Here are five great reasons to give it a go and learn how to cook.

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Save money

It’s no secret that times are tough financially right now. Inflation is at record highs triggering global recessions and cost of living crises. Just about everyone is struggling in one way or another, so anything that can save money right now is a good thing. Being able to cook enables you to save so much money, anything that’s premade will cost more. Whether it’s ready meals that you cook at home or takeout food, you pay a premium for this. Buying ingredients and putting meals together yourself will always cost you less. You can buy ingredients in bulk too, batch cook and freeze the leftovers in individual containers to eat later on too.

Reduce your salt and sugar intake

Pretty much any prepackaged and fast food will be high in both salt and sugar. It can be in much higher quantities than you’d expect meaning even meals that you’d consider ‘healthy’ aren’t if you look at exactly what’s in them. Excess sugar in the diet can lead to weight gain and even issues like diabetes over time. It’s bad for your teeth, addictive and generally something you want to keep tabs on- which can be difficult when it’s hidden. Salt can increase your blood pressure and lead to kidney issues and more. It’s particularly bad for those with certain existing health conditions and young children so another reason to learn to cook. You have control over the salt and sugar added, it’s easy to use less and add other herbs and spices instead for taste. 

Heal your gut and reduce inflammation

All of the added salt, sugars and chemicals in prepackaged food causes an inflammatory response in the body. Over time this can put you at risk of lots of health conditions, it can affect your hormones and your gut. When you cook from scratch you know exactly what’s going into your food, and you can make healthier choices. You can add in ingredients that will give your body a boost with extra vitamins and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics to give your body useful postbiotic metabolites for better health. Higher quality meats and dairy will have higher levels of protein and minerals such as iron. 

It’s fun

Finally, cooking can be fun! Everyone needs a hobby, but having time to start something new might be the difficult part. Since you need to feed yourself anyway, why not make use of the time by engaging in the cooking process? It’s a practical hobby and can be really therapeutic. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, start simple and work your way up. 

It’s a useful life skill

Again, since you need to feed yourself anyway, why not learn how to do it properly? Even if you’re happy eating expensive and unhealthy foods, you might have a family one day and will surely want to feed them better than this? Getting in practice now means you’ll be a skilled home cook in time. 

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