7 Advantages of MDF Skirting Boards

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If you’re in the position just like us, needing to get our old and bulky skirting boards removed and get new ones – you might be finding that there are a lot of options out there to consider. When it comes to buying skirting boards, those with a complete or partial renovation plan of their house or room will surely have to deal with. Skirting boards can make a big difference in the look of the room, but also will impact on the heat preservation of the room and also add to the total cost of the renovation. And this is why you need to choose carefully, knowing all your options. In this post I’m going to list why MDF skirting boards are great choice.

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1 It gives a natural wooden look

As you surely know, MDF is wood: it’s made out of wooden fibres of natural wood. So you can leave it unpainted or paint it to the colour you’d want to – it will still look like wood. And it’s also easier to paint: the absence of natural imperfections like the little knots and splinters make MDF a much easier material to paint.

2 It’s cheap

We all know nothing is really cheap when you’re planning the renovation, seeing the total cost, but MDF Architrave skirting boards are cheaper then most common skirting options. 

3 It lasts

Because it’s made out of natural wood fibres but using a modern technology – MDF skirting boards last long. Just as any other wooden furniture or everyday item. Another reason for this is, that because of the technology they use to make it, MDF is better than wood: it won’t expand and contract like wood – no cracks, warps or dents.

4 It’s moist resistant

With the modern technology, new MDF skirting boards are now being made to be water and moist resistant. So you can even use them in bathrooms.

5 Available in various sizes

MDF skirting boards are coming in large sheets in a variety of sizes but in a standard length. You can then cut it to the right size for the room. MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters.

6 It’s strong

As I mentioned before: the water resistance, the less proneness to cracks, to humidity, to heat and to cold makes it a very strong building material. Even after 24 hours of submersion in water it will only expand by around 5%!

7 It looks good

Also, it will look the exact way you wanted because it’s so versatile and easy to handle. You can achieve tight seams between cuts – which makes it the perfect material when creating interior or exterior corner joins.

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