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Benefits of Retractable Roofs

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
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It’s not every day that I get out of bed and think about my retractable roof. It’s not every day that I decide to write about it either but where we are. I think that I should give my retractable roof some much-needed praise. It’s been helping us enjoy our outdoor space, no matter the weather, no matter the season – it’s simply the best.

If you are looking for retractable roofs or retractable roof pergolas, I’d recommend the retractable roofs by Designer Shade Solutions. This UK company creates bespoke retractable roofs to suit your property. Whether you want a self-supporting retractable roof pergola to define the dining space of your patio or a retractable roof attached to your outdoor kitchen, the team at Designer Shade Solutions can create the perfect shade solution for you and your home!

rectractable roof

What are retractable roofs?

First of all, let me answer the question that you’re thinking about right now – what are retractable roofs? As the name says, roofs that can be retracted. The retractable roofs that Designer Shade Solutions can be easily open if the weather is nice, if it starts to rain, the roof can be closed, and for some shade, the roof slabs can be tilted. Plus, these are operated by the latest-controlled system to offer a hassle-free operation.

What are the benefits of retractable roofs?

1. Extend your living space

As Evans Crittens explains, “These innovative outdoor systems can be attached to your home as an extension to your current living space.” However, if you prefer, retractable roofs can also be self-supporting structures and act as modern pergolas. “Standalone pergolas can highlight your favourite parts of the garden, such as your outdoor dining space.” continues Evans Crittens.

rectractable roof

2. Use your outdoor space all year round

No more worrying about the weather. No more worrying about the season. You can enjoy your outdoor space as any other room in your home with a retractable roof. As this article on Lets Fix It says, “Having a retractable and tilting roof in a pergola also means that these can be enjoyed rain or shine.” Start making the most out of your outdoor area by installing a retractable roof – doesn’t it seem great?

3. Fully customisable retractable roofs

“Whether you want heating, lighting or a completely closed pergola to create the ultimate outdoor room – you can get it all!” comments Eat Sleep Love Travel. And I couldn’t agree more. These retractable roofs can be fully customised to meet your style and function requirements.

4. The perfect outdoor retreat

Do you wish you could increase your garden’s privacy? Do you want to create a room in your garden to relax after a long day of work? Imagine a self-supported retractable roof in the corner of your garden that also features side glass screens, heating and lighting – a complete outdoor retreat where you can enjoy your outdoor space with the comfort of an indoor room.

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