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Cheap Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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The kitchen is called the heart of the home for a reason; it’s where your family is most likely to spend most of their time. This can ultimately lead to you getting bored of your surroundings eventually. Therefore a kitchen makeover may be in order. Although this can be costly, the following budget-friendly ideas are kind of the wallet helping you save money.


Change Your Radiators

When it comes to radiators, they can be a necessary eyesore that is often thought about last when it comes to getting your kitchen re-decorated exactly how you want it. However, if you happen to live in a country where you may use your radiators all year round, investing money into getting a nicer and more efficient kitchen radiator is something to consider heavily.

There are many different styles of kitchen radiators that can fit kitchen spaces of all sizes. Your kitchen may benefit from a tall standing radiator if your space is larger, or you could choose to downsize your old radiator to allow for more wall space in smaller kitchen spaces.

Although you may have this budget kitchen remodel priced out for every penny you spend, you can save money in the long run by investing in upgrading your kitchen radiators. By ensuring that your radiators are energy efficient with the possibility to control the temperature on them at the push of a button, you will use less energy to heat that room. This, in turn, will save you money on energy bills whilst simultaneously being better for the environment.

Replace Your Kitchen Tiles

It might be time to change the decor of your kitchen by changing any wall or floor tiles within your kitchen. It might be that your backsplash tiles are also slightly damaged through general wear and tear. After all, a kitchen is often one of the most used spaces in the home.

A great way to renovate your kitchen tiles is to wrap your kitchen tiles with a decorative sticker on the tile cover. This will allow you to change your decor without making any huge structural changes and is cost-effective. If you happen to be renting your property, this option is also very landlord-friendly, as once you move out, you can remove any stick-on to revert your home to its original state.

Alternatively, if you own your own home and choose to replace your tiles, be that your floor or backsplash tiles, you can do so yourself, without hiring a professional. This will save you money as all you will need to pay for is the materials for this renovation.

You can find plenty of resources online that can help you do this task yourself, such as blogs and videos. You could also search for tiles on social media, car boot sales or resell websites, as there may be people looking to get rid of any excess tiles for a small price or even for free.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to home improvements, sometimes the cheapest yet most effective way of changing your surroundings is to add a lick of paint. By changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets, you can quickly and cost-effectively give your kitchen a new feel. If you have dark cabinets, why not paint them lighter to brighten your space up or, on the flip side, add a darker colour to your light kitchen cabinets to give them a more centre-stage appearance?

A different direction that you can take this idea is to take away your current cabinets and opt for open shelving. This can help you display your plates modernly, allowing more decorative pieces such as pictures and trinkets to decorate your kitchen further. You can achieve things without fully taking your cabinets off by simply pulling off any cabinet doors.

Change Your Kitchen Layout

Although you may be looking to make decor changes to your kitchen, what if the real change you need to make is your current kitchen layout? You may be desperate to make changes because your space is not working. The first step you should take towards any kitchen renovations is to assess the placement of certain appliances and how this works for the flow of your room and your lifestyle. Try moving your kettle to a different location or change where you keep your plates.

If your kitchen appears to have a lot of space between both wall cabinets, why not add a kitchen island that can double as a breakfast eating space? The best thing to do is to speak to kitchen designers who can advise you on how best to incorporate a kitchen island into your space alongside ensuring that you are maximising the usage of your space; this option may not be as expensive as you think with many experts offering free space evaluations.

To Conclude

Cheap kitchen renovation ideas are abundant, and we’ve only scratched the surface with our article. Get creative and see how much you can save by renovating your kitchen with as little money as possible!

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