Clever Beauty Essentials To Save Space In Your Suitcase

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Take a sneak peek into my travel bag and feel your best on every single trip. Here are my top 3 Clever Beauty Essentials To Save Space In Your Suitcase you might want to try whether you are travelling far, going to a festival or just staying overnight.

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Self-care essentials

Keeping the skincare and hair routine on the go has always been challenging. Luckily I was able to find all my favourites in their mini versions among the travel toiletries at Notino– from shower gels and shampoos to perfumes and sunscreens. The liquid limits, dehydrated skin from the plane air, or the sudden climate change will not stop me now!

Here are the must-have travel essentials I would not leave the house without:

  • Travel size shampoo and conditioner or a solid shampoo and conditioner bar I recently fell in love with.
  • A small bottle of dry shampoo is always a good idea.
  • Mini deodorant or mini antiperspirant to stay fresh.
  • Mini shower gels or nourishing bar soap which I like to get with a mini lotion to keep my skin in a good condition.
  • A miniature perfume that I even keep in my handbag when I am not travelling. If you do not wish to buy a travel-size perfume or you cannot find your signature scent in a mini version, just get a Notino refillable perfume atomizer that holds up to 5ml of your perfume which is enough for about 100 applications and even fits into a pocket.
  • Sheet masks do not take up space in the bag but provide a wonderful hydrating boost after the flight or a long day of having fun.
  • A silk eye mask for sleeping is a must in case you cherish the importance of a good night’s rest. I am also considering buying a silk pillowcase to keep my skin and hair looking amazing even while travelling.
  • If you are still looking for your favourite products in their miniature versions, try filling up travel-size silicone bottles you can purchase in the travel collection at These refillable bottles are great for make-up removers, skin toners and day or night facial creams.

shampoo bar

Multipurpose makeup

Of course, I don’t want to spend plenty of time in front of the mirror on any adventure, but a little beauty routine after the whole day spent on the beach or sightseeing feels like a nice self-care, especially if you want to glam up for the evening. I also don’t want to pack all the products I usually use in my everyday beauty routine. Well, the easiest answer to all this is the versatile multipurpose makeup that combines two to three products in one. These multifunctional sticks, pencils and powders can cover multiple areas of your beauty routine, save space, speed up the beauty routine and are very affordable.

  • The all-over face colour sticks that come in bronzer, highlighter and blush and have a built-in brush are a good investment if you travel often or wish to keep it in your handbag during the day.
  • Lip and cheek sticks that come in a wide variety of colours leave a pretty and glowy finish on your lips and cheeks. For more, you can even swipe the colour on your crease with a fluffy brush and level up your eye makeup game in seconds.

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Always Nicely Organized

Lovely cosmetic bags have made my life so much easier as I like to stay perfectly organized every time I leave the house. Especially those hanging toiletry bags that save bathroom space whenever you go. But what recently caught my eye are cute travel jewellery boxes that store earrings, rings, bracelets and every treasure you wish to bring with you while keeping it safe and organized.

These tips will help you travel like a queen even with only a carry-on bag!

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