Days Out for the Family in London


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London has plenty of fun and exciting activities –  you can even find free things to do! – for you and your family to enjoy. Although it has a reputation for being expensive, there are plenty of options that have discounts or won’t break the bank. Below, we explore the best family days out in London.

london transport museum


London features some of the richest museums in the world, and many of the prices are low or free for families. The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum are both great fun for children, with many of the exhibitions being designed for the whole family to enjoy. Meanwhile, the famous British Museum is free and covers the famous mummies and the Rosetta Stone in the Ancient Egypt section, along with pieces from ancient Greece, Rome and Assyria, as well as Africa and the Americas. The London Transport Museum is always fun too and you get a yearly pass with your ticket

Animal attractions

There are some excellent days out for animal lovers in London too. London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo, after opening over 170 years ago. And it has plenty of attractions for kids: from Australian outback conditions to a rainforest environment, there are all sorts of different sections to enjoy. Plus, if you’re a healthcare worker, with a London Zoo NHS discount, you could be eligible for a significant discount.

London theatre


Finding some green space can give you an opportunity to rest and relax during your day out in London. Victoria Park is excellent if you like to enjoy water features, while Hyde Park offers you a superb central location in the middle of a busy day. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can even pack a picnic to make the most of London’s parks.


London is also famous for its palaces, and they can make for a great day out for the kids too. Buckingham Palace is one of the best choices. The official residence of the Queen is a spectacular sight and if you get your timings right you can enjoy watching the splendour of the changing of the guards. Alternatively, you can visit the exhibits at Kensington Palace and gain an insight into the early life of the Queen.

Image Credit: Billboardeo

Image Credit: Billboardeo

Harry Potter

If your kids love Harry Potter, then London has plenty of activities for you too. You can go on various Harry Potter walking tours where you can enjoy a guided journey around many of the filming locations. Alternatively, you can hop on a bus tour and see it all from the comfy seats with your family.

London has something for all the family on a day out. Just pick any of the activities above and you should be all set to enjoy an exciting and memorable day out with your loved ones.

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