Delicious Vegan Sweets That You Must Try


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I hate to admit it but I’ve got a sweet tooth. Every now and then, I find myself craving something sugary and most of the time I don’t have sweet things in the cupboards – something I do to make sure I don’t give in to the sugary cravings. However, when I discover new vegan and vegetarian treats I simply can’t say no! It’s good to treat ourselves, right?

Today, I’ve partnered up with Springvale Foods, wholesale fine foods, to share some of the most exciting and mouth-watering vegan treats available in their online shop. And, of course, it comes as no surprise how excited I am to share some of these products and brands with you!

H!P Cookies & Cream Oat Milk Chocolate Bar

Nearly 200 years ago, the Cadbury family revolutionised confectionery by creating one of the first milk chocolate bars. This year, the Cadbury family tried to shake things up in the chocolate market once again. John Cadbury’s great-great-great grandson launched H!P out of a desire to eat delicious, creamy vegan chocolate.

H!P chocolates are sustainable, plant-based chocolates made with high quality, single-origin Colombian cacao combined with creamy gluten-free oat milk. The H!P Cookies & Cream Oat Milk Chocolate Bar is one of many delicious H!P chocolates available at Springvale Foods.


Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon

If you are less of a chocoholic and prefer sweets instead, you will adore Candy Kittens vegan sweets, including Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon sweets. As this article on The Evening Standard explains Jamie Laing “television personality, known for his stint on reality show Made in Chelsea, founded Candy Kittens – a range of vegan and gluten free sweets – in 2012.” Jamie has been  working with friend and business partner Ed Williams since 2014, and make a wide range of vegan and vegetarian sweets.

Candy Kittens care about their impact on the planet – their bags are recyclable, their sweet production is carbon neutral, their recipes avoid all animal gelatine and palm oil. With Candy Kittens sweets, you can enjoy a sugary treat with a lighter footprint on the planet.

candy kittens

Dirty Cow Salty Susan Chocolate Bar

Dirty Cow is a UK-based boutique chocolate company that makes indulgent chocolate bars, such as the Dirty Cow Salty Susan Chocolate Bar, which includes delicious salty pretzel bits. Their chocolate bars are made with cocoa sourced from certified sustainable farming.

And great news for all my eco-friendly readers, according to Confectionery News, Dirty Cow has recently announced their move into 100% compostable packaging. They now collaborate with Parkside to create an “all-round compostable, organic and certified product, with packaging that does not compromise our chocolate bars’ overall quality.”


Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Soft-Baked Filled Cookie

After moving to Switzerland, Siddhi, founder of Rhythm 108, was inspired to start her own business centred around the principles of the Swiss Rhythm of Life and their relationship with nutrition, nature and society. With a team of Swiss Pâtissiers and Chocolatiers, Siddhi opened up a bakery where all treats are crafted by hand.

Rhythm 108 craft chocolate bars, truffles and cookies, including the Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Soft-Baked Filled Cookie. All products are made with vegan and organic ingredients that look as good as they taste. And don’t just take my word for it – Rhythm 108 chocolates were listed as some of the best plant-based products from the editors of The Beet.


Ready to add some of these to your shopping list? I know I am. Some of these brands are completely new to me, and I can’t wait to try them! Have you tried any of these?

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