Eco-Friendly Style Tips For Fashionistas

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Eco-friendly matters are constantly surfacing to the fore of the public consciousness, as people debate and discuss how they can have a positive impact on the environment around them.

One area that is frequently recurring in the dialogue is the matter of ‘sustainable fashion’, whereby people undertake eco-friendly measures to buy, wear, and sell clothes in an environmentally conscious way. The tides are changing, and more people are waking up with an appetite for these all-important objectives.

If you’re keen to make some changes yourself and need some eco-friendly style tips, then read on after the jump to discover the 3 eco-friendly methods that will help you manage your wardrobe more effectively.

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Learn the Language of Sustainable Fashion

Every larger-than-life movement has its own terminology, and the world of sustainable fashion is no exception.

The lexicon of this sub-industry of fashion is easy to get to grips with in time, and mostly revolves around matters concerning ethical, cruelty-free, and organic practices. The treatment of workers and animals, and an absence of highly toxic chemicals and materials, are what mostly takes centre stage when it comes to determining what to look out for here. Being aware of these issues can motivate you, and help you engage with the visceral impact the fashion industry can have.

You should never blunder into any big changes in life, whether you’re moving to a new house, starting a new job, or, indeed, changing your wardrobe. Big changes require effort and education, and an acute awareness of the problems you’re trying to solve. Do some research independently and consult trusted voices, and you’ll soon be equipped to make all the necessary changes naturally.

Shop with ‘Slow Fashion’ Brands

Slow fashion refers to producing clothes in an ethically and environmentally conscious manner, rather than fast tracking goods for profit with inhumane consequences.

Consigned Sealed Delivery is not only your one-stop-shop for wardrobe updates – it is fashion-forward shopping for the eco-conscious thinker. In other words, instead of the traditionally ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, Consigned Sealed Delivery’s circular model is regenerative and restorative and regenerative by design. They keep used, high-quality clothes in constant circulation, provide carbon neutral delivery to all, and have an impressive number of coalitions and pledges as part of its commitment toward creating a sustainable fashion future. It’s companies like Consigned Sealed Delivery that are disrupting the wasteful fashion industry and transforming into a sustainable one.

Today, there’s simply no excuse not to trade with businesses that have worldly values. It’s possible to sell appealing, high-quality fashion via sustainable means, and more firms are catching on to that fact. Why not join them?

Repair Damaged Clothes

It can be tempting to replace damaged clothes with newer counterparts the moment a slight bit of inconvenience comes your way.

However, it can be more environmentally friendly to seek repairs in the first instance. BBC News covered a story on the owner of a pub, who after hearing a documentary about clothes waste, decided to take action and began making minor clothes repairs for free. It’s a remarkable act of not only kindness but initiative, and while not every pub will provide these services, it’s quite clear there is an appetite for sustainable clothing practices.

Scout around and see if you can find a quality repair service that will mend any tears or breakages you have experienced. They’re not hard to find, and it will ensure that your clothing items don’t go to waste. 

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