Getting Rid of Rats from Your House Fast


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You’ve got a rat problem. I’m sure you are wondering, “how can I remove rats from my home?”

There are many ways to get rid of rats, and the right choice depends on your situation.

If you’re under attack by a nest of rats, it may make sense to hire a pest control company, like Huntsville pest control by Waynes. You can also deal with them yourself if you’re handy enough, but worth weighing up your options, because not everyone is up for this.

If you’re trying to keep rats out of your house, there are a few tricks you can use — things that will keep rats from ever getting inside in the first place.


Inspect the home for evidence of rodent activity

This involves looking for evidence of droppings and other signs of animal activity. You can use a flashlight or turn on your home’s lights to see if there are signs of rodents in your attic or walls.

Also, check behind furniture or appliances to see holes or openings where rodents could be hiding.

Inspect the environment for food sources. Rats will go after any available food source — including pet food, birdseed, and even crumbs from your table.

So check around your home for anything a rat might find appealing and secure it.

Seal holes in ceiling

First, seal all holes in your ceiling, walls, and floors. Rats don’t like tight spaces, so if you build up some space around these areas, they’ll have nothing to nest in.

One easy way to do this is with caulk and expanding foam — put caulk around holes in your ceiling and then spray expanding foam over it.

This works pretty well for small holes (like those from wires), but start looking for alternatives as soon as you reach larger holes.

Next, limit access to outside openings to prevent rats from getting inside via an attic or window in the winter.

Once they get into an attic space, they’ll usually stay there unless something happens to scare them off or die.

If possible, seal up all holes between your house and the outside world — put screens.

Consider trapping

You can buy rat-proof boxes or wooden traps from stores specializing in pest control since these are safer for humans than hammers and poisons.

But if you live on your own, it’s best to use a professional exterminator who knows how to do the job right and won’t leave behind any poison residue that might kill your pets.


Mice can be difficult to exterminate, with their ability to squeeze through nearly any opening and hide out in the smallest places.

Thus, preventing mice from entering your home is essential to successfully removing the mouse problem. However, if they have already invested, it makes them feel insecure.

Remove all food and water sources, plug up any holes they could use to go back into your home, put peppermint oil on steel wool balls, and light them, and you will do away with them.

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