Home Life Home-Schooling Made Fun: Scrap, Craft and Art Ideas For Children

Home-Schooling Made Fun: Scrap, Craft and Art Ideas For Children

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
koi fish craft

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During this lockdown we are currently living thanks to the coronavirus, I have discovered yet another silver lining: entertaining the children is actually becoming quite fun for me too as they are now nearly 4 and 6. We can play a lot of different things together. My daughter had been always a “maker” and so her favourite activities definitely are crafting and creating. She can work on a little project for hours. (Like this simple ice cube drawing.) I really enjoy making things with her (even though I’m not that crafty to be honest, but in the age of the internet it’s super easy to find craft ideas on Pinterest or on mummy blogs) and luckily my boy who’s 6 is joining in with us more and more.

Home-Schooling Made Fun: Scrap, Craft and Art ideas For Children

Use what you have at home

We usually make sure that we use up household junk at the first place like toilet paper rolls and carton boxes. It’s a great way to give them a brief new life before recycling them. It also saves money, because I don’t have to buy so much craft supplies plus it’s encourages creative thinking.

Use high-performance material for major projects 

If you want to use a high-performance material, using silicone for mould making is advisable. Silicone rubbers have varying hardness levels, ranging from soft to medium to easier and faster mould making. Because of its impressive versatility, you can spray, paint, or pour silicone rubber into any model.  

Epoxy resin is another excellent material for art projects, such as filling river tables and small figurine castings. These materials are are available online or in art supply stores. With more material options available, nothing can stop you from making your creative, fun ideas come true.

Major art projects using silicone rubber and epoxy resin are perfect for parents with teenage children.  If you have teenage kids, you can do different art projects during weekends or days off and make memorable and fun memories together. 

I’m so excited to do silicone and epoxy resin art projects with my children when they become older. I’ve got so many ideas to share with them.

Buy beautiful and clever printable graphics

For some of the designs – as they are getting more complex that the children are growing and they want creations look “real” it’s worth to. check out the Cricut Design Space tutorials over at Design Bundles – this is a very handy source. So as the guide to understand the Brother scan and cut. They also have lots of SVG file bundles – currently on sale so you can get them cheaper -(SVG means Scalable Vector Graphic, which means that the graphics can be scaled to various sizes without quality reduction you can download them and then use digital cutting machines to create stunning projects instantly) Lots of fun things can be created with these, here’s a few example:

craft bundles templates

craft bundles templates

craft bundles templates

Here are some super easy junk art we have created:

Koi fish craft

You need a toilet roll paper roll, tissue paper and either printed or sticker eyes. Pick 3 different shades of a colour or complementing colours of tissue paper to make the fish colourful. You can also attach these to a stick with a string and if you put them outside, they might “fly” in the wind, like a mini kite.

koi fish craft: Home Schooling made fun


You will need a piece of circular carton, white paper and colouring pencils for this. Plus a coin, which goes in the middle and the disk will spin on this. Colour it rainbow colours in stripes or 2-3 colours in spirals.

spinner craft: Home Schooling made fun

Puppet theatre

Sounds like a big project – but it doesn’t have to be. I let the children to design it – and you can use super pretty printables too as mentioned above. All you need is a big carton box and some sticky tape – plus the decoration you choose.

puppet theatre: Home Schooling made fun

puppet theatre: Home Schooling made fun

Bunny ears

You need a carton box, white paper and some pink paint for this, plus a plain hair band to attache the ears to. Great Easter home schooling made fun craft, or anytime for a child like mine who absolutely adores bunnies. This is my girl’s design: it was her idea to add some cotton buds. (We still had some at home as we don’r use them anymore.)

What do you think of these home schooling made fun ideas?

bunny ears craft

Home-Schooling Made Fun: Scrap, Craft and Art ideas For Children

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