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How to Choose The Right Ironmongery

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Have you given the ironmongery in your home much thought? Perhaps you have, perhaps you haven’t. I recently discovered the importance of ironmongery and how all these little hardware details, such as handles, brackets and hinges, are much more than just a finishing touch.

To many, ironmongery is simply functional and it’s the last thing they think about when renovating a room. However, I disagree. Ironmongery is both practical and decorative, and choosing the right ironmongery will have a bigger impact on the overall look of a room than you’d think.

Whether you want to give one of the rooms in your home a refresh or are feeling like transforming your spare room completely, considering what type of ironmongery to add to that room is an important step to do at the beginning of the project. Don’t just take my word for it, Rita Konig, interior designer, shared in House & Garden that it’s worth giving hardware some thought well in advance. “This is not something you want to leave to your builders – even hinges come in a wide range, from nasty to beautiful.”


Types of ironmongery

Depending on the type of room you’re renovating, you will need different types of ironmongery. Are you renovating your bathroom? Think about door hardware, bathroom hardware, window hardware, privacy hardware. Are you renovating your hall? Think about door hardware, bannister rail hardware, window hardware, and so on.

Ironmongery Experts stock UK handrail brackets, and many other hardware details that you might need for your home. They are a local family-run business with years of experience, so I’d recommend you ring them if you need any further advice on which ironmongery to pick. Once you’ve made a plan of what ironmongery you will need, the fun begins!

handrail-brackets stairs

Practical ironmongery? Stylish ironmongery?

Why not both? Nowadays, ironmongery comes in all types of designs, styles and finishes. So, it would be a pity to go for only boring pieces of ironmongery. As The Oliver’s Madhouse comments, “Do you want your ironmongery products to match your current design or to make it stand out? Now, it’s the right time to figure out what design and finish you want for your ironmongery products.”

Plus, did you know that there are no rules when it comes to ironmongery? Pretty Big Butterflies shares that “one of my favourite things about ironmongery is that there are no rules, you can be as creative as you would be with any other part of your décor – you can mix and match different finishes, you can have the same finish all around your home, you can layer modern and vintage styles…” Doesn’t it sound fabulous?

The right ironmongery will not only complement a design but will uplift it and make it more visually interesting. Are you ready to start giving ironmongery some more attention?

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