How to Winter Proof Your Home

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There’s no escaping the cold weather now. At least if you stay in the country… You might still catch some sun rays in Spain or Portugal but if if you are not travelling anywhere any time soon, the upcoming months will be filled with rain, wind and cold days.

However, the colder months are also synonyms of countless mugs of hot cocoa, the sound of fire crackling and watching Christmas films snuggled in a sea of cosy blankets. The cold weather isn’t that bad when you are comfortable and warm inside, right?

To ensure you spend the cold and chilly months of winter feeling comfortable and cosy inside your home, it’s time to start winter proofing. Today, I’ve partnered up with Handy Squad handyman in London, who will share some tips and tricks on how to winter proof your home.

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Seal windows and doors

By sealing any unwanted gaps around your windows and doors, you will reduce heat loss, require less energy to heat your home, and in turn save money on energy bills. As the team from the Handy Squad explain, these unwanted and uncovered gaps can be found in other areas, including keyholes, letterboxes, floorboards, skirting boards, cat flaps, and much more. So, be sure to find these chilly draughts and seal them!

Clean gutters and drains

Not the type of job that you’d look forward to but one that must be done, I’m sorry to say. Victoria’s Vintage advises cleaning the gutters and drains of your home to ensure your home stays warm and damp-free during the colder months. She shared that leaves and garden debris can clog drains and gutters which can quickly turn into blockages and water damage.

Check your radiators

The last thing you want is to be freezing during a cold winter day (or an autumn day in our case!), turn on the radiators and they are simply not heating up.” says Just Eilidh on a recent blog post. She recommends checking your radiators yearly to make sure they are ready to keep us warm when the temperature drops.

Double-check your outdoor lights

Clear Lifestyles can’t recommend double-checking your outdoor lights enough. “Your outdoor lights are more important than you think. These light the way to your entrance door, so you can easily see where the keyhole is and will help your guests find your home quicker.” comments Clear Lifestyles.

Do you want to be getting home on a cold and dark winter day just to find out that your porch lights are not working, and then you’ll have to blindly wrestle your keys to get inside? I didn’t think so. Give your outdoor lights some attention too.

How do you winter proof your home?

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