Top Summer Weekend Getaways in the USA

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There are so many great places for a summer weekend getaway in the USA, it can be difficult to pick just one! Whether you’re looking for an active outdoor adventure or some relaxing time by the beach, we’ve got you covered. 

The Hamptons

To start our list off with a bang, let’s look at the ultimate summer vacation destination – the Hamptons. There’s a reason why celebrities and tourists flock here! You’ve got sun, sand, chic beach houses and good food. What more could you want from a summer vacation?

The Hamptons has something for everyone. You can spend every day curled up with a good book or dance the summer away – the choice is yours. If you’re looking for activities to keep you entertained, we recommend a bike ride along the coast and a trip to one of the oldest lighthouses in the USA, Montauk Lighthouse. 

If you’re only heading out for the weekend, leave your big luggage in New York City. You can check them into a luggage storage facility to save you dragging them all the way out, then just pick them up on your return. 

Joshua Tree

While California is typically known for its iconic, white sand beaches, its inland destinations should not be disregarded. Joshua Tree National Park will transport you to a different world, with the desert landscapes vastly different from the Californian Coast.  

Grab your camera and some comfortable shoes as the stark landscapes in Joshua Tree are just begging to be explored. The Cholla Cactus Garden will have you in awe as you wander one of the most densely populated areas cholla cacti, and the sunset from Keys View (the highest point in the Joshua Tree National Park) is not to be missed. 

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Napa Valley

Fancy some wine and indulgence for your summer weekend getaway? California’s Napa Valley is sure to deliver! Napa Valley is known for its rolling hills, high-quality wineries, and exceptional food. Wine lovers and foodies alike will be in paradise here. 

Given that Napa Valley is right in the middle of wine country, many of the activities revolve around the vineyards. You’ll want to go to at least one winery to sample the local produce, or you can choose from a variety of wine tours – anybody up for a ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train? Hot air balloon rides are also extremely popular and are a great way to make your weekend away extra special.

Cape Cod

If the quaint beach cottages, charming lighthouses, and seafood shacks don’t scream summer vacation, we don’t know what does. Located on the coast of Massachusetts, Cape Cod is a popular destination in the warmer months due to its ocean beaches and chilled vibes. 

Get involved in a range of water activities from paddleboarding to windsurfing, or get active on dry land by exploring the different bike and hiking trails. There’s also plenty of boutique shops and numerous galleries for those looking to get their art fix. 

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San Diego

A city on the Californian Coast, San Diego is buzzing with energy. If you’re looking for an eclectic destination to keep you entertained all weekend long, head to San Deigo. It’s got major tourist attractions and sightseeing, a thriving nightlife, spas and wellness facilities, casinos, galleries, museums, and many opportunities for outdoor activities. It’s really got it all!

With only a weekend, you’re going to be short on time. We suggest checking out the famous San Diego Zoo and the surrounding Balboa Park. If you’re up for a bit of history, head to the USS Midway Museum – it’s literally a museum on an aircraft carrier!

Lake Tahoe

There’s no better time to get outdoors than a US summer. Soak up the sun and the scenery by heading to Lake Tahoe, which is located on the border of California and Nevada. It offers a range of hiking and camping opportunities and you can also get out on the water with a  boat, kayak, or paddleboard.

For epic views, take a ride up the Heavenly Mountain Gondola. You should also go chasing waterfalls, with Shirley Canyon and Eagle Falls being two good options in the area.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers is the gateway to the Sanibel Islands, making it a popular summer destination for those seeking a beach vacation. The city has a rich history and is also known for its outdoor areas which make the perfect place for leisure activities like hiking. 

You’ll want to swing by Downtown to get involved in the action. This place has real energy during the day and at night, with cafes, street performers, and a range of clubs. Also, no visit to Fort Myers is complete without some beach time so grab your towel and head to the sand or rent a kayak for some exploring. 

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Seattle is a city that has it all – a bustling, metropolitan center, a stunning mountain backdrop, and surrounding forests of lush evergreens. While the city is known for being particularly wet, it comes alive during the summer when the sun makes a more regular appearance.

Fill your weekend with fun activities including a trip up the famous Space Needle. A paddle along Puget Sound is a good way to take advantage of the warm weather or you can try your luck with a whale watching tour. 

As you can see, there is a range of USA destinations that make perfect weekend getaways in the summer. Consider your tastes and preferences, then choose the place that best suits you. If you’re finding it difficult to make a choice, you just might have to schedule multiple weekends away!



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