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On vacation, some escape from frost, leaving in their midst for warm countries. Others enjoy winter pleasures. However, there are those for whom the concept of relaxation is associated exclusively with summer. Each side has its own compelling arguments.

In this article, we will observe what are the latest trends in vacations.

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The easiest way to get around is by car. Within the country, the risks are small: the infrastructure is developed, and the prices are affordable. Moreover, for a family of five, road transport can often turn out to be uncontested only because the plane is expensive, and the bus provides an insufficient degree of freedom and mobility. Car travel in the summer is now one of the most favorite vacations. The ideal trip is to rent a car in the country where you are vacationing. Imagine that you and your whole family have come to the UAE. Is it really convenient for you to travel with children by subway? Of course, it is better to always have a hired car on hand. Moreover, car rental is possible for different budgets – you can hire a budget, luxury, or super car dubai and you will be satisfied in all three cases. 

Plan ahead or not?

The key parameter of a successful family vacation is careful planning, which, through rational decisions, helps to stay within the available budget. Any risks for an adult can be transformed into adventures, then for a family with children this is already an undesirable and very stressful quest.

However, today there is a tendency to organize travel spontaneously using various services such as Skyscanner, where you can find discounts on flights. This is very convenient if you know how to properly search for profitable offers.

Summer or winter?

Summer is more suitable for family holidays, also due to the prosaic circumstance that this is the time of school holidays. In winter, this is difficult, because the holidays are short, and they still have to coincide with parental leave.

Due to many circumstances, and primarily because of the weather, in summer the choice of opportunities for recreation is much wider. This is especially obvious if you associate rest with travel, which has already become familiar to us but is not unambiguous. After all, even without leaving your residence, you can fully relax, enjoying what is valuable to you, but not available every day.

According to doctors, for successful acclimatization, it is desirable to spend at least two weeks in a new country, and this is already quite a long time, especially if we consider a family vacation.

But former stereotypes about rest as an exclusive summer activity have long outlived their usefulness. Many people now prefer winter holidays. The first reason is that wonderful weather has become more and more frequent in summer. This allows you to work during the day, and in the evenings go out of town, go to the forest, swim, and travel around the neighborhood. 

Winter holidays are quite another matter. It is simply necessary due to a noticeable lack of sun in the non-summer period. From October to April, we often see an absolutely gloomy picture every day, which snow rarely sweetens. All this may well lead to depression and other serious mental complications. For this reason, people are increasingly resting in winter. However, acclimatization is less of a problem. Warm and quite comfortable weather can be found in Egypt and Tenerife. The sun and vitamin D are vital for the body. This is one of the critical things even from the point of view of medicine.

And there are those who travel “from winter to winter”, to those countries where the winter is real. In these places, there is simply guaranteed snow for skiing.


If earlier people preferred to leave once a year for a whole vacation in other countries, now they are increasingly trying to split up a whole vacation into small intervals. Such small periods are easier to organize, especially if you are vacationing with children.

In the article, we have analyzed the main trends in recreation and perhaps given you an interesting idea of how you can spend your vacation.

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