Vegan Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies 2023

goupie chocolate gifts

Christmas is around the corner – well, a few more weeks left until then. This is the best time to think about your Christmas gifts. This year I’m kicking off the season with my Christmas Gift Guide with these vegan Christmas gifts for all the foodies!

I’ve got fantastic items coming from indie brands and small businesses, and most of them are also either eco-friendly or ethically produced – or both! I’d like to create awareness, because making conscious choices when deciding about a purchase is more possible than ever these days. We can do better, simply by making positive choices for people and planet. Money is a vote which you can use every time you go shopping. By using your spending power wisely you can help to create a better, healthier and greener world.

Go vegan!madhuka products

Madhūka Products from oForest

Superfood Madhūka, also known as Mahua in India, is the flower of a tree with many health properties can be enjoyed in food, medicine and beauty. Sustainably sourced and harvested after the flowers fallen from the tree, then sun-dried and air-roasted – the process is all natural. I has an extremely high nutritional value – full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals such as Vitamin B3, Potassium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, amino acids and fibre. It has a nutty-caramel flavour, so it has been used as a sweetener for thousands of years. oForest has also partnered with Ecologi and a tree is planted after every order.


Madhūka nibs: from £6.95

Madhūka powder: from £8.95

Madhūka teas: from £7.95

Makan Malaysia

makan malaysia crackers

Makan Malaysian Gifts

As well as catering services, Makan Malaysia deliver food all over the UK using plastic free, home compostable packaging and vegan insulated boxes (no wool products!) For Christmas this year they have put together a couple of foodie bundles, all designed with sustainability in mind. Over half their menu is vegan and they make swaps wherever we can in order to reduce their impact on the planet. They also host vegan supper clubs and trade at vegan markets to show that food can be delicious and satisfying without any animal based products.

RRP: gift boxes from £25 and gift vouchers are also available

Birchall tea

Birchall Tea gifts

Birchall Tea is an award-winning British tea brand. All Birchall teas are sustainably sourced in a manner which respects both the environment and tea producers. The majority of the black teas carry the Rainforest Alliance’s famous green frog seal. This means that these teas are grown in a way that helps protect the environment and farm workers and their families. 

Birchall has become the first tea company in the world to officially join the UN’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative, also the first tea company in the world to achieve the Carbon Neutral International Standard. The new Birchall Tea Factory is solar powered and all their tea is Carbon Neutral and Birchall also makes sure all products are plastic-free or made from plant-based materials where possible. 

RRP: teas from £5.75

christmas champagne

Say It With (Vegan) Champagne

Personalised vegan Champagne from Say It With Champers – what a great Christmas gift idea! This great bubbly is made in France and this is the only source of it in the UK, and they guarantee that there are no animal derived products used in the  production of this bubbly, meaning it makes the perfect vegan Champagne and is ideal for vegan Champagne drinkers.

RRP: from £42.99



Tracklements Christmas Condiments 

Tracklements believe in business as a force for good, protecting the environment as they go and have been awarded B Corp accreditation.  They’re committed to make the most planet-friendly condiments possible by minimising their environmental footprint through using recyclable packaging, their own water treatment facility, and over 10,000 square feet of solar panels, which enables the company to generate 100% renewable electricity that is also fed into the national grid at weekends through Good Energy.  

RRP: £7.05

play in choc

Play-in-Choc ToyChoc Box

This is for the little ones! This complete set of all six PLAYin CHOC® boxes from the Christmas collection make a cute  stocking filler, they can even be an alternative to Christmas crackers. Includes a snowman, a cheeky elf, a friendly ginger-bread figure, a sweet tree, an adorable reindeer and, of course, Father Christmas himself. These are dairy, nut, gluten & plastic free – also Soil Association approved.

RRP: £13.50

plantain chipsPurely Plantain Crisps

Plantain chips are delicious and nutritious (and of course vegan). Plus, they contain 30% less fat than potato crisps. Purely Plantain Crisps has no added chemicals and palm oil. Also, no exploitation. For these crisps, Purely sources sustainably produced plantain chips, while supporting their farmers and their local communities in Ecuador. They are free from gluten, wheat, sugar, additives, dairy and trans fats, but they boast with added health, environmental, and economical benefits.

RRP: 6 packs from £5.99


pulsin goodiesPulsin Plant Protein Hamper

Pulsin has an award-winning range of tasty snack bars, protein powders, keto products and shakes are packed full of feel good nutritional goodness and balanced with the right amount of super ingredients. These are very tasty (I’ve tried them and love them) and give you a power boost to see me through the rest of my day (I normally eat them around 3pm). Their entire range are vegan, gluten free, palm oil free and made with non-artificial ingredients.


18-bar boxes from £17.95

Protein and shake bags from 8.99

goupie chocolate gifts

Goupie Chocolate Gifts

Goupie is a lovely chewy, chocolate confection with a hint of crunch! Based on an old family recipe and nana’s treats has now won a fair number of awards for Goupie. This small business prides itself in doing business the right way in every aspect: from treatment of staff, through ethically sourcing of ingredients, to the sustainability of it’s plastic free packaging. They source everything they can locally, their cocoa is Fairtrade and the palm oil is RSPO Segregated. 

They are amazingly delicious! They come in very presentable plastic free packaging too, so they make lovely small gift.

RRP: from £4

Sea Change Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Sea Change Sauvignon Blanc 2021

They are plastic free and every bottle of Sea Change helps fund ocean conservation projects across the globe. They use lighter-weight glass bottles, renewable plant-based closures and label paper from sustainable forests made in part from grape waste. By buying this Sauvignon Blanc you can directly help to fund beach cleans in the UK organised by charity partners of Sea Change Wine, reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans.

RRP: £13.99

nomo vegan chocolate

NOMO Vegan Chocolate

All NOMO chocolates are free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts to ensure that no one needs to miss out on treats and new products at Christmas. NOMO create treats which everyone can enjoy, and products like the three Sharing Boxes encourage people to spread the love and enjoy delicious chocolate with friends and family.

RRP: from £4.50

seasonal calendar

Seasonal Calendar

Fork Ranger Seasonal Calendars make a great gift to gardeners, foodies and everyone who’s worried about climate change. If you haven’t heard about Fork Ranger before – they are on a mission to translate climate science into stories and recipes so everyone can take action against climate change easily and in a way that is fun for everyone!
These seasonal calendars are beautifully designed, with each month showing which ingredients are in season for Northwest Europe. Using the calendar, you can learn about seasonal fruits and vegetables and apply that knowledge into your daily life with 48 everyday, tasty recipes.

RRP: from £16.63

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Danielle Spencer November 22, 2023 - 6:28 am

Thanks for some great ideas and opening my eyes up to some new products. These gifts are great if you don’t know someone’s dietary requirements. Yes you can’t always be sure but it certainly helps as these sound great and tasty for the majority of people.


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