Why I Care About My Garden Fence And Why You Should Too

fence garden allotment

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Do you ever think about your garden fence? I know it’s not something we usually think of. It’s easier to think about your garden when it’s been damaged, but I’m telling you to have a look at it now. How does your fence look? Is it an eyesore in your garden? Is it a strong and tall enough fence to protect your home and keep your pets out of trouble?

Today, I’m talking about all things garden fence related, including why I care so much about mine and why you should too. So, what’s the deal with my passion for garden fences? It wasn’t until recently, when I spoke to Speedy Fixings, UK fixings and fastenings supplier, that I found out more about the importance of having a strong and sturdy garden fence.

Speedy Fixings stock fence post shoes, post supports to add extra stability and support to wooden posts, such as fence wooden posts. So, if you want to make sure your garden fence can withstand the elements and will have a long lifespan, I’d recommend installing post shoes.

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Garden fences keep my home safe

As Let Them Be Small says, “Garden fences not only clearly define your property’s boundaries but also provide security and privacy to your home.” By having a tall and strong fence around your home, you can prevent trespassers from entering your home, or at least make it more difficult.

Garden fences increase privacy

If you have nosy neighbours, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes you just want to be enjoying your outdoor space without worrying about who’s watching. If you are looking to increase your garden’s privacy, having a good and tall fence is the solution.

As Welsh Mum says, “Whether you live near a busy road and don’t want people looking in or have nosy neighbours, a tall garden fence and some shrubbery will be the perfect solution!”

fence garden allotment

Garden fences can improve the look of your garden

Even though a fence is only a detail of your garden, it’s definitely one you can’t hide. So, having a stunning fence will only improve the look of your garden even further. Want to make your garden fence stand out? “The easiest way to visually improve your garden fence and make it stand out is by giving it a new lick of paint. Go for a contemporary feel with a white picket fence or a more modern vibe with a dark coloured fence.” recommends Savvy in Somerset.

Garden fences can have multiple uses

Did you know that garden fences can be multi-functional? From creating a vertical herb garden by hanging pots around the fence to using the part of your fence next to your edible garden into vertical storage for your garden utensils – there are plenty of ways of making your fence multi-use, and in turn, more practical!

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