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Why Oak Flooring Is Simply The Best

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It’s no secret that solid oak flooring is a stunning addition to any home; you can’t get more elegant and classic than this.  Where other types of flooring may surrender to the wear and tear of every life, oak floors are certain to retain their beautiful looks for generations.

There are so many reasons why oak flooring is so popular with homeowners. Not only does it offer us natural beauty, but has fantastic practicality. This means you don’t have to choose between practicality and aesthetics: with oak flooring you get both. Whether you’re set on something that will cope with high footfall, or something that will withstand under floor heating, we know that you’ll love oak floors. So let’s explore the reasons it’s so popular and why we love it so much…


wooden floor living room

As mentioned previously, the main thing we all look for in anything, but especially flooring, is if it’s going to stand up to heavy use and the test of time without showing wear. Oak is well known to be extremely durable and tough, with a life span of at least 25-years, but if cared for properly it’s known to go on a lot longer. It can be sanded down if any damage does occur, although the number of times it can be sanded down depends on its thickness, however this does not normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years, so you can only imagine how long oak is going to last! Many perspective buyers view flooring as important feature when looking for a new home too, so purchasing a striking oak floor will certainly help the selling value of your property when it is time to move on. So instead of being put off by oak’s price tag, why not see it as an investment?


Of course not only is durability a priority, but also the appearance. Your home is your castle, somewhere you show off your style while being a relaxing sanctuary to unwind. If you’re going to spend a fair amount of money on new flooring, then it needs to be perfect. The good news is that oak flooring is so versatile, coming in so many different colours, plank arrangement and finishes…whether you’re a sucker for a traditional interior, trying to achieve that desirable rustic look or if you’re into your contemporary smooth finishes. Herringbone is bang on trend right now, often used in grand manor houses or just if you’re looking to get that affluent appearance to your home. Not only this, but it adds real depth and character to your space, and there’s an abundance of finishes you can add to it as well. You can finish oak to preserve the natural knots and grains for a rustic look, to a classic finish where it is made to look as smooth as possible.

Underfloor heating

With underfloor heating becoming increasingly more common in modern homes, then it’s important to at least consider getting on board with this trend. As the modern age is moving more and more towards decluttering and clean spaces, underfloor heating is something you’ll be seeing more of. Not only is it a more energy efficient way of heating your home, but makes for a comforting, warm feel under foot as well as getting rid of the need for unsightly radiators. Be careful though – solid oak isn’t able to cope with fluctuating temperatures due to it warping and buckling under heat. Don’t worry though, there is an option you can go for without sacrificing your wood dreams. If you have your heart’s set on underfloor heating then go for engineered oak – you still get the same authentic appeal as solid wood but with this added benefit.


With so many of us becoming more and more conscious of our carbon footprint, this leads to the question: how environmentally friendly is oak? Well the answer is that it’s better than you think! It is a natural, renewable source, so while there is a concern that trees are being destroyed, a lot of care is taken to ensure they are replanted. Retailers and manufacturers are working close to reduce the amount of deforestation. If this is something that’s important to you, then we recommend checking the TSC badge of the flooring before you make any decisions.

Health benefits

Yep you read that right. Not only is oak beautiful and durable, but one of the better choices of flooring when it comes to allergies, it’s almost too good to be true. Unlike carpet, they don’t harbour dust and dirt. Easy to clean and maintain, meaning a regular sweep and mop will prevent debris remaining on the surface. What you see is what you get!

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