A Beginner’s Guide to Golf

golf sport

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Golf has become more popular in the UK following lockdowns and the coronavirus pandemic. More of us saw the benefits of learning a new skill, socialising, and exercising – a three-for-one deal perfectly encapsulated in golf. Yet, even when you’re enthused about a new hobby, it can be tough to know where to begin or to avoid common pitfalls.

This beginner’s guide to golf gives you an overview to make things simple.

golf sport

Join a club

Club membership is particularly suited to those who aim to practise golf a few times a week.

As well as making some savings as a member versus pay-as-you rates, there are many other benefits to a membership at a golf club with a high-quality course.

Being a member offers the chance to socialise with like-minded enthusiasts and learn from them. Given many clubs have onsite facilities, golf offers you the chance to become accomplished at a new discipline and engage in leisure activities.

Once you’ve got the hang of things, you’ll even be able to play a few local competitions, making it an even more stimulating hobby. And make sure that you invest in an extra light golf bag to store all the stuff you needed for the play.

Book lessons

As with any discipline, the basics lay the foundation for continued improvement. Without first establishing a solid understanding of technique, you’ll struggle to get far.

Take lessons with a PGA Professional to get specialist instruction from the beginning. It’s ideal for learning the deceptive fundamentals, including how to hold the club, how to carry through the swing, useful tips, how the gameplay works, etiquette, and so on. You’ll also find learning with an accomplished golfer boosts your enthusiasm.

Start with the short game

If you go all in with a whole course when you’re just starting out, you’ll feel easily overwhelmed. Instead, start with the short game. This means staying on and just around the green, making shorter shots.

This will allow you to improve your grip and technique without risking the longer shots that could cause damage to people and property if done incorrectly.

Invest in clubs

Whenever we start a new hobby, it’s tempting to go all out and buy the most flash version you can of any equipment. However, you’re unlikely to know what suits you best until you’ve had the chance to experience your new interest properly. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to invest in expensive materials only to discover you are unable to continue or don’t like the activity.

To get around this, hire clubs at first to get an idea of what you need and want. You should buy a glove to prevent irritation to your hand, though.

It’ll be time to invest in clubs when your shots are consistently successful and you’re sure about pursuing golf as a hobby. Until then, you might want to do some research on which clubs would suit you the best and save up for them as they can be pricey – but then you can also buy them secondhand.

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