Review: Eden’s Semilla Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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Lucky lucky me!

My friends at Eden’s Semilla sent me some wonderful new stuff to review. Knowing some of their products already, I was really excited. I’m actually a real sucker for aromatherapy oils. (Because my mum used them when I was a child, so for example the smell of orange flower oil makes me feel home.)  I use them a lot too, it works wonders for my mood, especially in winter. I highly recommend them (I use a diffuser) for SAD.  But that’s just one way of using them.


So I received 12 little bottles of different essential oils, boldly packaged in elegant little black boxes. (They also protect the oil bottles from direct sunlight, however, a bit hard to open them, so tightly packed.) The boxes containing 4 different scents would make a great gift. They provide a neat storage for the oils too. I also find the colourful labels quite delightful.


Loved unwrapping them as quickly setting up my diffuser. Each little brown bottle contains 10 ml premium quality of essential oil, which I think a great value for the price. Especially produced for holistic and medical aromatherapy and carefully monitored throughout all aspects of the process. Use them for massage, during meditation, in a diffuser, or add a few drops to your home made beauty products. They will surely help you to create a lovely atmosphere. Their smell has a very good consistency, really good quality.

They are available on Amazon too.

Remember: never use essential oils internally.

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