Cornwall beach coast

Taking a Trip Along the Cornish Coast This Summer

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Taking a Trip Along the Cornish Coast This Summer

When we long for scenic getaways, we often dream of distant and far-off lands. But you really don’t have to travel all too far from home if you want a break from your usual routine. Cornwall entirely encompasses this notion and serves as a brilliant example of some of the wonderful experiences that the U.K. really has to offer! Summer, of course, tends to be the best time to visit, as British winters aren’t all too forgiving. So, here are a few things to get excited about when planning a summer trip along the Cornish coast.

Cornwall beach coast

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See Some Stunning Beaches

Perhaps one of the most notable things about Cornwall for any visitor is its beaches. If you take a picture of any one of the hosts of beaches it has to offer on a fine day, people will often note that they’d have never expected such a beautiful place to exist so close to home! All you have to do is a little research to ensure that you know which areas you’ll have to head to in order to find the best beach to suit your needs. St Ives is perfect for families who want soft sands in a close vicinity to amenities such as restaurants, cafes and (perhaps most importantly) toilets and showers to clean the little ones up in. Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth is great for young adults who want to relax amongst others in their mid-twenties, playing volleyball and splashing about on paddleboards. Newquay’s choppier waters, on the other hand, are better for those who intend to get a little surfing done. While major beaches tend to be close to public transport links, it’s generally easier to get about by car, as this opens up even more options for you. Consider hiring a vehicle from a reputable agency such as Easy Car to get from A to B easily.

Try Out Some Local Cuisine

Now, if you lived in Cornwall, you’d know that people don’t survive solely on a diet of the foods that are associated with the region. But while you’re visiting, it’s great to engage with the novelty. Make sure to try a genuine Cornish pasty. They really are the best that you can find, and chances are that there will be a pasty shop on near enough every street, so there’s no excuse for giving them a miss. Most stores will also have vegetarian and vegan options available too. Treat yourself to a cream tea too! Just avoid the debate about whether the jam or cream should go on first – the Cornish and people from Devon take opposite stances, with the Cornish arguing for jam first and Devonians contend for cream. Remember to take a stick of rock home with you or a lump of traditional Cornish fudge!

These are just a couple of things that you can look forward to in the region. The county really is a gem tucked right down in the Southwest of the country!

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