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3 Tips to Reduce the Likelihood of Heart Conditions

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Some people may be predisposed to heart disease or defects due to their genes, while others might be increasing their chances of conditions arising through an unhealthy lifestyle. Either way, looking at the ways in which you live your life can highlight some potential trigger factors that you should not ignore. Your heart’s health is incredibly important for both your overall wellbeing and longevity. Consider some of the ways you can improve your health to keep yourself mobile and active for longer.

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As long as you are physically able to, and have not been told otherwise by a registered medical practitioner, you should be engaging in some form of exercise at least 5 days a week. This exercise could come from a variety of sources, including visiting a gym, going out for a run with friends, or even taking up a sport. For those who feel self-conscious about exercising, working out at home is also a completely viable option. You can buy a range of home gym equipment, such as these kettlebells sold by BLK BOX Fitness, that will allow you to turn your lounge or bedroom into your own personal workout space. Another added benefit of exercise is that it can help with weight loss, which will also reduce the pressure put on the heart.

Curb your temptations

Many people find themselves turning to a cigarette or a bottle of beer after a hard day at work, but these seemingly small vices can actually be greatly harming your heart. People tend to associate heavy alcohol consumption with the liver, and smoking with the lungs, forgetting that they can also do a great deal of damage to other areas. Taking smoking as an example, this can increase your blood pressure, forcing the heart to work harder, which can ultimately lead to a stroke By cutting down your consumption and quitting, you will be giving your heart more of a chance to remain healthy.

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Revamp your diet

When you consider that roughly 1 in 3 Americans will eat some kind of fast food every day, it quickly becomes apparent how unhealthy our lifestyle choices can be. In addition to this, fast food is often more expensive than buying groceries and cooking at home. Making your own meals allows you to use more fresh ingredients, incorporate more vegetables, and know exactly what is going into your food. One of the excuses people tend to give when it comes to the fast food vs cooking debate is a lack of time. If this is the case, you could consider making, and then freezing, meals in advance, giving yourself that convenience throughout the week, without the strain on your body.

Looking after your heart is important to be able to live a long and happy life. Considering that obesity is a very real crisis in the world, it is important to remember that staying active and being careful about what you put into your body can have a great effect on your weight which, in turn, will put your heart at even more risk.

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