5 Ways to Accessorise Sustainably

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We all know fashion is a temporary thing, whilst style is forever. I do encourage people to play around different kind of things they like in order to find their own style – whatever represents their very own taste and personality. Because I think these two are in the core of what we call a style. Some people finds it easier and others might need some help but one thing for sure finding their own style and being able to express your personality through it and who you are – is a fantastic thing to achieve.

Having said this, no matter how important is to find your very own style – it cannot be more important than doing this with our planet in mind. I will of course not try to encourage you to go ahead and try all sorts of bits and pieces from fast fashion brands, all made of plastic and unethically.

There are plenty of sustainable ways not to compromise on style, so let’s see some of them.

men clothes shoes accessories 5 Ways to Accessorise Sustainably

Recycled metal accessories

Using recycled precious metal naturally reduces the demand for newly mined ones. This reduces the environmentally damaging effects of mining practices. Recycled metals have the same quality and characteristics as the newly produced ones. This is because of the nature of these precious materials.

Handmade accessories

Handmade styling accessories will be always of higher quality, unique design and more creative. During the pandemic a lot of small businesses been set up to provide income stream and sanity to those with creative vein and it’s great to see them thriving. But equally, trusted and well established companies like Intermode needs to be mentioned, as a family business, that is a heart of a community. Intermode –  handmade leather goods manufacturers – was established in 1973, by a passionate Greek family in Athens. 

Accessories made with off cuts

Things made with scraps and off cuts are like leftover fabric that’s left after manufacturing clothes. This is always a sure way to stop that material being wasted. But the same can be done with leather and vegan leather for example. So anything that can be saved and turned into a new and useful item is very much sustainable in my view, regardless of the material. 

Reworked/upcycled accessories

Upcycled and reworked items living their renaissance, small brands are popping up on Etsy and craft markets everywhere using something that normally would have been thrown away and labelled as useless and creating something new, completely different and beautiful. Car tyres made into wash bags, sweet wrappers made into brooches and old cashmere used for fingerless gloves – there’s no limit to creativity!

Vintage/Second hand accessories

And of course anything that gets a second or even third life is as sustainable as you can get. Simply keep using what’s already been made. Luckily, the perception around second hand goods are really changing – has been changed in the past few years, so there are lots of second hand boutiques, charity shops, swap events and of course online shops to choose from to find your very own. stylish accessory piece.

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