Getting The Most Out of Your Food Processor


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Whether you’re an expert or a beginner cook, you will want an appliance with you in the kitchen that can do what you need when you need it. If you’re just starting out or have been doing it for years, how do you pick the proper appliance for your cooking needs? There are so many products available on the market today and it can make your choices more confusing than they have to be. If you want something that gives you the most value while also being effective, then stop looking and pick up a food processor.

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Throw Away Your Knives

Sure, the celebrity chefs on television make chopping veggies and fruits with a knife simpler than it really is. They flaunt their abilities while looking into the television screen and giving you the notion that you can’t do what they’re doing at home. Yes, chopping veggies and other ingredients at home with a knife is a tedious task and very slow, but there’s a solution to this problem. You can have the most uniform chopped ingredients at your disposal, thanks to the handy food processor.

How Does it Work?

A food processor has a container in the middle of it with blades inside. The blades rotate at quick speeds to chop whatever you put into it. It makes the tedious task of chopping and slicing a lot easier. Not only that, but the pieces that are chopped are very similar in size.

What Can Be Done in a Food Processor?

There’s almost nothing a food processor can’t do, other than juice. It may not be recommended to make beverages in it, but you can make soup! It’s actually pretty great for making soups in it. If a recipe requires a solid to become a liquid, the food processor has the ability to break it down and mix it all. Once you have figured out the basics of the food processor, you can begin to make more advanced dishes such as bread dough and salads.


What Else Can it Do?

Your new food processor can perform a variety of tasks more quickly than our hands are capable of. You can choose the functionality of the processor based on your specific needs. It has the ability to blend, puree, mince, and shred. The food processor can do it all and it’s all due to its construction and size.

Does it Blend?

In a way, it does blend, but it’s not the same as a blender. They may function in the same manner, but there are plenty of differences. Sure, you may be able to make smoothies in a food processor, but you can’t chop veggies or knead dough in a blender.

Does it Juice?

Nope! This is where the two appliances are completely different. A juicer only juices and cannot chop. Similarly, a food processor cannot juice. There is absolutely no crossover with these two products.

As with any appliance or item you use every day, you will want something that fits in with your lifestyle and can help your skills grow. Your food processor will become your new best friend once you get the hang of it and see what it can do for you. 

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