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Reasons why the North West is best

by eva.katona@yahoo.com

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From delicacies like chips and gravy to our famous friendly Northern charm, there are so many reasons for us Northerners to be proud of our region. And so we should be! With major forward-thinking cities, a thriving economy, and plenty of culture and history, the North West region is arguably the best in the UK. If you need a bit of convincing, read just a few reasons why the North West is best.

peak district

There’s plenty to see and do

Sure, London might be filled with attractions that hoards of tourists flock to year after year. But this also means that the city is overcrowded and overpopulated all year round, with the already busy tube carriages becoming even more packed and stuffy in the summer months. Cities in the North West, on the other hand, have loads of attractions and things to do and see — many of which are completely cost-free.

In Liverpool, for instance, there are multiple museums and art galleries which are all free of charge for a great day out, such as the Walker Art Gallery and Liverpool World Museum which are just a stone’s throw away from one another. In Manchester, galleries like the Whitworth and the Science and Industry Museum welcome people from all around the UK each year, whilst Bebbington’s Lady Lever art gallery, situated in the scenic Port Sunlight village, has been regarded one of Europe’s finest galleries. Other fun free things to do in the North West include spending the day in one of many beautiful parks, sunbathing on Crosby beach, taking a walk through Delamere Forest, and so much more.

For those looking for some nightlife, the North West has everything you need and more. From Manchester’s Warehouse project to the hip bars of Liverpool’s Baltic Market, the region has something for everyone seeking a great night out. 


The career prospects are strong

There’s a reason why Manchester and Liverpool have some of the best rates of student retention in the UK. The North is home to a number of fantastic businesses — from huge names like the BBC in Salford’s Media City to smaller, independent businesses and start-up’s scattered around the region. The fact that so many young people are now moving to Northern cities from London is an indicator that the North West has plenty to offer in terms of career prospects, while also being the perfect place for budding entrepreneurs to launch their business idea. Those interested in buying a home, or even investing in buy to let property, should look up North, with property companies like RW Invest offering investment opportunities with low prices and high potential for return on investment.

It’s affordable

It isn’t just the business prospects that are causing swarms of Londoners to move up North in recent years, with the affordability of the North West being one of the regions major selling points. Compared to London’s average house price of £484,173, Northern cities like Liverpool boast an average of just £130,677. To make this North/South divide a little clearer, let’s compare what you could buy in the North West compared to London. For £600,000 in London, you could buy yourself a 3 bedroom terraced house in the Suburbs, whilst for the same price in Stockport, you’d bag yourself a huge seven bedroom house with five bathrooms and a large garden. 

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