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Stand Out at Business Events with These Tips

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When you attend an event where you’re competing with other businesses, like trade shows, exhibitions, or markets, it can be a struggle to get people to pay attention to you. There are other people there attempting to get passersby to stop and talk to them, and you need to show that you have something worth stopping for. Getting people to pick you is challenging, especially when their eyes might be caught by other businesses. You need to have something unique that will draw people in so that they don’t get away. Here are some of the things that you should do at your next event.

fair event exhibition

Create an Eye-catching Display

If your stand or display is boring, people aren’t going to be very interested in what you have to offer. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for creating an eye-catching and interesting setup. You could start with a custom inflatable tent, which is particularly good for using outdoors, or a custom display stand. Add your branding to your display so that it’s recognisable and memorable. You can use signs and banners to draw attention too, as well as to provide more information about what you have to offer. Lights, movement, and music can bring people in too.

Work the Room

While you’re set up in one corner of the event, your goal is to get people to come to you. But when there is a big space to consider, your area might be barely anything in the grand scheme of things. So you also need to consider how to get people to move towards your stand or stall. Going out into the room or space to convince people to come to you will help you to do this. Flyers are great for handing out, and you can mark your position on them so people know where to find you. Have visible signage too so that you’re easy to spot.

Offer Good Customer Service

Your communication with people is one of the most important things when you want to stand out at an event. Being shy and holding back could mean people will simply walk right past you. On the other hand, people might not appreciate it if you’re too pushy. Good customer service is essential. Approach people with a friendly smile, but don’t be too confrontational with your sales tactics. Make sure anyone working at the event has the correct training and knowledge.

Provide Fun and Freebies

Finally, providing something fun for people can get them to stop and look or interact with you. It could be a game they can play, a competition to enter, or a performer or entertainer. You could also consider having freebies to give away, whether it’s sweets, cake, keyrings, balloons, or anything else that you think might interest people. Anything that can help you to stand out is a good idea, especially if it’s something no one else is doing.

Find ways to stand out at events and you can produce better results so that you can meet your goals.

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