Thinking About Starting A Family? Here Are 5 Questions To Consider

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There comes a time in a lot of people’s lives where they sit down and decide ‘that’s it, I’m ready to be a parent’. A whirlwind of emotions ensues following this thought process: Am I ready? Where do I start? Do I need to start saving? Will I be able to conceive? Can I Afford It? Will It Be Easy? Of course, these are a very, very small selection of things that people think when they get babies on the brain. It’s a scary yet exciting time, and it’s easy to get lost in your own mind. Here are 5 questions to consider if you are thinking about starting a family.

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Is ‘Healthy Parent, Happy Baby’ Really True?

The short answer – yes! You certainly don’t need to restrict your diet completely or spend ten hours a day in the gym. If you are trying to conceive or already pregnant, the healthier you are and feel will definitely have a positive impact on your babies. Introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet will ensure that your body is in tip top condition and of course, if you’re pregnant, your baby will be soaking up all that natural goodness! Even after you have a baby, the healthier your lifestyle is, the more energy you’ll have – which you’ll definitely need when you’re running around after a little one!

Do I Need To Buy Everything I Need First?

Many parents once they become pregnant start panic buying and it’s no secret as to why. There are hundreds of thousands of baby products on the market, all shouting from the rooftops that they are an absolute must-have. This isn’t always the case. It is best to start with the essentials and go from there. Some parents find themselves investing in expensive baby products only to find that it stays in the box! Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Essentials such as a safe sleeping place (cot or moses basket), babygrows, nappies, bibs, muslins, bottles, are a necessity – whereas take some time to sit back and think – do I really need hundreds of outfits for my baby? Will my baby really need three different styles of pram? How often will I actually use a changing table? It’s surprising!

Should I Seek Fertility Support?

Some people like the peace of mind of knowing that conceiving is a possibility before they begin to try for a baby. There are many fertility specialists around who can assist with testing to put your mind at ease. In addition to fertility clinics, there are many other services available for those looking for more niche support, such as sperm donors, surrogate parents or even African egg donors. A simple online search will point you in the right direction and ensure that you have access to the correct support so that you are able to fulfil your dream of becoming a parent.

How Will I Juggle Work And My Baby?

Don’t panic! Becoming a new parent can be a daunting time but it doesn’t have to be if you are comfortable with your choices. Some parents choose not to juggle work and a baby if they are able and remain a stay-at-home parent. Obviously this isn’t a possibility for many, but you will pleased to know that there are lots of options to choose from. Childminders to day nurseys, even family members who can offer childcare, you can be sure that your little one will be safe and cared for whilst you work. In the UK, the government offers various incentives too – such as tax-free childcare, childcare vouchers and once a child turns two, you are eligible for free day care hours. Whatever you decide, you will find a way that works for you, your budget and your personal circumstances.

Is There Anywhere I Can Get Help And Advice?

When you’re trying for a baby, or when you become a new parent, you will undoubtedly find yourself asking an endless list of questions. It is important that you know where you can get support and advice should you need it. When you are pregnant, your assigned midwife is always available to contact should you have any queries and once your baby is born, your health visitor performs a similar role. Don’t forget, there are a lot of local antenatal classes, baby classes, playgroups, and more, where you can meet other parents and discuss similar questions too.

There are a multitude of things to consider when you’re thinking about starting a family, but arguably the most important thing is to be happy and healthy, and to know where you can get support. In doing so, you set the foundation for a happy home and family for your baby to be born into.

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