Top Tips For Creating A Social Space In Your Garden

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The temperature is rising. The start of summer is on the horizon, and plans for maximising the warmer days are being set.

With each passing day, the prospect of spending days after work and weekends enjoying the warmer weather days is becoming a reality. Spending time in the garden with friends can sound like the perfect summer evening for many. To enjoy this, having a social space in your garden will be an added benefit.

Do you want to update your garden in time for summer? You may want to transform an area in your garden where you and your friends can gather and enjoy spending time together. If so, here are a few tips to help you create a social space in your garden.

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Take A Seat

What is a social area without somewhere to sit? Selecting the proper seating is an effective way to ensure that your garden is a comfortable place to sit. It could be to read your book in the afternoon or seat friends you have invited to enjoy the longer days.

Depending on the size of your space, there is an array of options. It could be a selection of chairs, a garden suite, or a cushioned bench for comfort. There will likely be an option that perfectly suits the space and your style.

Another factor to consider is a table. Whether you are having guests round for food or just drinks, having a place to put their glasses and plates minimises the risk of trip hazards from items being left on the floor.

Deck An Area

If your garden has minimal or no patio space currently, consider looking at investing in decking. It makes a living space that you can use to create a seating area.

Brands such as Alchemy offer a vast selection of composite decking that could enable you to build a welcoming social space. Investing in decking means the materials used are durable and long-lasting. You will be able to enjoy spending long days in the garden for the foreseeable future.

An additional benefit of decking is that it can add value to your property should you choose to sell in the future. It creates a usable living space that homeowners want, helping to increase the property’s value.

Brighten Up The Place

Solar panel garden lights are becoming a popular way of decorating a garden space. Aside from adding a decorative feature, they can brighten up the pathway when the star coated sky shines above. It could be string fairy lights that hang over the seating area or along the garden’s fences.

To ensure that guests can see the pathway back inside, consider lighting the route to show them where to go. Most solar panel garden lights come in a selection of styles and colours. The chances are high that you will find a piece that will suit your garden’s aesthetic. You can also choose whether to have coloured bulbs that brighten up the garden or warmer lights to create a calming atmosphere.

Installing or combining these ideas can help you transform your outdoor garden space into a social hub for all to enjoy. As summer approaches, you can enjoy the space you created in preparation for the warmer weather.

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