Enhance Your Home With A Set Of Victorian Chest Of Drawers

antique furniture shop

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People are attracted to antique furniture for a variety of reasons. Sentimentality is a strong emotion, which may evoke memories of stories passed down to them as children playing in grandparents’ homes. The quality of the furniture cannot be questioned.

As the pieces were handmade, they were unique and built to last. It is often their bespoke nature that attracts buyers looking for that chic and trendy look in their home, even showcasing their knowledge and thirst for history and heritage. Antique furniture will never go out of style, as the materials used ensure that it is built to last.

antique furniture shop

Antique furniture can consist of many styles and pieces which fit perfectly into any room in the home. Traditional shops are a perfect place to head out and browse and talk to experts before making your choice. The advent of the online antique store further broadens your options.

After a look online and a visit to your local shop, you decide that you want to start buying some antique furniture to your home. A set of chests of drawers, particularly caught your eye, and after looking at various images you have made the decision that it is the piece you wish to start off your collection.

How To Ensure That Your Furniture Is Victorian

The wood is a big clue when determining which period your furniture hails from. Georgian furniture is predominantly made of oak or mahogany, whereas Victorian design features the more decorative walnut and flamed mahogany.

Walnut tended to be the wood of choice on smaller pieces of furniture, with mahogany being the material most likely to be used for tables, bookcases, sideboards, and for those Victorian chest of drawers. Flamed mahogany would often be applied to showcase a grand appearance.

Victorian chests of drawers have simple, square fronted chests with rounded corners and edges or bow fronted. Other features include chests raised upon shaped block feet. The pieces are fitted with turned ‘knob’ drawer pulls, whereas those of Georgian vintage tend to have metal swing handles.

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Where Will Your Furniture Look Best?

Chest of drawers commonly used piece has been used to store clothing, in particular underwear and socks, amongst other smaller clothing items. Therefore, a bedroom is the ideal place to position your furniture.

If you have identical pieces, one at either side of the bed are the way to go, offering a symmetric and offering two features which will attract attention around the room. Maybe a trip to a museum featuring Victorian furniture will inspire you?

If a single piece, perhaps at the head of the bed is a good place for your chest of drawers. They can be utilised by placing tall table lamps, vases, or artwork on top, which will draw the eye upward and make the space around the drawers look larger.

Wherever you choose to place your furniture, a set of Victorian chest of drawers will enhance your house, adding class and quality in an instant.

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