The Advantages to Biking With Your Kids to School This Fall, 2022

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Taking the whole family to school on bikes may sound like a big change, but this healthy choice is easier to accomplish than you might assume. It has wide-ranging benefits that are mental, physical and financial. Here are a few advantages to pulling the step through bike out of the garage instead of the car and cycling with your kids to school in the morning. 

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Morning Exercise for Better Focus

Studies have shown that exercising early in the morning improves focus and mental performance for the rest of the day. That’s not only important for your busy schedule but also for your kids’ learning aptitude. If you choose to bike in the morning, your kids are guaranteed not to nod off in their early lessons. That increased energy and focus will likely translate into better performance at school. 

Lowering Your Whole Family’s Carbon Footprint

Environmental pressures are starting to be felt all over the world. Switching away from fossil fuels is important in years to come in order to halt and reverse damage to the planet’s climate. It also saves money at the gas pump. 

By biking to school in the morning, you’re cutting down on the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. You can take your electric bicycle battery 48v on errands after dropping off the kids to reduce air pollution, carbon emissions and gas costs even further. 

Getting Healthier Sleep

It can be difficult to adjust from a summer schedule to the early wake-up times of most American schools. Biking to school helps the whole family sleep better at night by adding exercise to the daily routine. Exercise not only helps you get to sleep faster, it improves the quality of your sleep as well.  

Saving Time in Your Day

It can be almost impossible to fit the CDC’s recommended 150 minutes of exercise into a packed weekly schedule. Biking to school adds physical activity without taking extra time out of your day. Some other ways you can fit exercise into a busy day include:

  • Going for a sunset bike ride instead of relaxing in front of the TV
  • Taking your bike on short errands
  • Biking to a relative’s house instead of driving

Making Exercise Fun and Useful

Many people try to start an exercise routine or encourage their kids to exercise, only to abandon the effort after a few weeks. The secret to maintaining a healthy relationship with exercise is weaving it into your lifestyle. 

Working out for working out’s sake simply doesn’t work for everyone. Many parents try to get their children into team sports, instead, but a lack of interest or coordination can thwart these efforts. More practical exercises like walking a dog or biking to school are accessible. They’re easy to think of as part of your life, rather than an exercise regimen, which means they’re more likely to stick. 

Picking up a city bike for sale can improve your family’s routine this back-to-school season. Start with one or two days a week, and you’ll quickly see the benefits of a morning family bike ride to school.

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