Plants for Your Garden That Are Not Only Beautiful, but Also Valuable for Health


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Today, the creation of a pharmacy garden on your site is not only an opportunity to grow useful medicinal and aromatic plants near your home, but also a chance to decorate your garden in an original way.

Many useful plants for your garden, which are not only beautiful, but also medicinal, come from abroad and from warm countries. An example of such a country is the UAE, where there is little rain and a lot of sun. Such a country is perfect not only for growing heat-loving flowers, but also for a luxurious vacation. For convenient and fast transportation during your vacation, a Dubai exotic car rental is the best choice. Thus, you will be able to visit all the places you want using a sports car rental Dubai. This will save time, which is so lacking in travel, and you can also arrange a road trip by renting a car from a rental company. It will be romantic and comfortable.

The tradition of creating an apothecary garden on a personal plot is very ancient, and dates back to mediaeval monastery gardens. In the old days, ideas about beauty and usefulness were inseparable, so in an old garden, you could see flowers, fruit and berry crops, medicinal plants, and fragrant and spicy herbs nearby. So let’s get your gardening tools at the ready!

butterfly / Plants for Your Garden That Are Not Only Beautiful, but Also Valuable for Health

All medicinal and spicy plants are decorative in their own way

So, for example, thyme grows with a lush pillow, closing the space between other plants, and closer to July, it is covered with small purple inflorescences, attracting pollinators to the garden. At the same time, it relieves spasms and improves digestion. Thyme is a plant that creeps along the ground, it is an ideal option for alpine slides. In summer, thyme blooms profusely with purple flowers that can be cut and added to tea. This will not harm the thyme. And at the end of flowering, all inflorescences can be collected and dried for the winter. Thanks to essential oils, thyme is used as an anthelmintic, disinfectant, expectorant, and analgesic. This herb improves digestion, treats skin rashes.

The Chinese magnolia vine is generally a liana with lignified shoots, elastic, shiny leaves. At first, the vine blooms, and then beautiful red berries appear. Berries are used both fresh and dried, and they are used to make tinctures. Berries have a tonic effect.

Barberry is a shrub with a high decorative effect, and its fully ripe berries are widely used in cooking. A plant like cinquefoil blooms very beautifully. You can prepare tea from it for the winter, which perfectly improves immunity.

Rosehips are very useful and decorative. It stands out from the rest with its dark foliage and is decorative all season. At first, it pleases us with abundant and fragrant flowering, and later it forms bright and healing fruits. They are unsuitable for food because of the hard hairs, but you can make tea from them.

If you want a little taste of Provence, then you should think about lavender. Lavender is very soothing and has a diuretic effect. I recommend paying attention to the narrow-leaved variety, as it is able to overwinter in our conditions. The best option is when lavender from seeds is grown in open ground, hibernates, hardens, and adapts in the first year. When planting a large bush, there is a risk that the plant will not overwinter: it is not known whether hardening and adaptation to the local climate conditions were made.

Melissa is an herb often referred to as lemon balm. It can be grown in the trunk circles of ornamental trees or along a fence. At the same time, it is important that the sun’s rays look there, since the maximum amount of nutrients accumulates in the leaves of lemon balm in the light. And you also need to remember that the soil should always be slightly moist.


Thanks to the spicy herb oregano, you can brew fragrant tea and make a unique meat dish. The shoots of this medicinal plant contain useful essential oils, fibre, vitamin C. The plant is used for skin diseases, coughs, insomnia, hypertension, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and other ailments. This medicinal plant is a shrub that blooms profusely with lilac inflorescences in summer. Fans of monochrome gardens can plant oregano next to other purple herbs such as lavender, sage, thyme, and more.

In conclusion, many summer residents think not only about tasty, but also healthy crops. I have described some herbs and medicinal flowers that should be planted in the country in order not only to enjoy their beauty, but also to use them with benefit.

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