Popular Bathroom Designs With A Heated Towel Rail

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A towel rail or towel radiator is a feature designed to quickly heat a towel while using them. It is useful for homes with small bathrooms, especially where there may not be enough space to install a conventional heating system. An electric towel warmer is also a very good bathroom heater suited for both heating and drying towels. There are generally two models: one with a fixed thermal radiation heat source that radiates heat through the towel; the other with a convection-based system that depends on air movement for its heat output.


The most familiar types of towel rails come in a standard size, which is usually between a couple of inches and two feet wide. Some have extra features like concealed lights, footrests, or concealed controls for controlling the height and direction of the rollers. If you plan to install the bathroom radiators into your bathtub, they should fit securely into the corners of the bathtub, but if not, you can also consider mounting them on the inside part of the bathtub. This is quite common nowadays since most bathtubs nowadays already come with built-in radiators.

For families with more than two people, a well-made family bathroom would be incomplete without these essential accessories. A well-designed family bathroom can even be a place of relaxation and comfort. The most popular towel rails are those manufactured out of stainless steel, which offers an elegant look and long durability. You can find brushed chrome or brass models for your bathroom. You should take note though that stainless steel rails are more prone to rust compared to brass models.

The brushed chrome model is more popular as it resists stains and tarnishing, unlike the brass models. Chrome towel rails also do not tarnish, retain their polish for a long time, and maintain their shine even after years of use. The brushed chrome will either come in polished chrome or with a polished chrome finish. If you want something different, you can choose the satin nickel model. It is quite shiny like satin nickel does, but it is much more durable.

Another popular type of towel rails is those made from aluminum. These types are popularly used in contemporary bathrooms and offer a chic look. They are usually brushed or polished chrome, although you can also find them in satin nickel or brushed nickel. The most popular type of aluminum railing is the wall-mounted one, which offers flexible installation options as well as a wide range of sizes. The wall-mounted version of this popular type of towel rail comes with a matching hook on top for hanging.


The heated towel rails are also known as radiators. They use a heating element in the form of cables, which sends out heat through the towel rails. It is ideal to use if you want to reduce the temperature of the bathroom while maximizing the steam. They are available in different shapes and sizes and you may find that it is difficult to find the one that fits your bathroom.

Steam towel rails are also a great addition to your bathroom space. In case you haven’t heard, they are the hottest new bathroom design feature. This is because they increase the comfort of your bathroom by providing a warming sensation when you take your bath. They are considered to be a luxury item and are quite expensive, so before purchasing one you must determine the size of your bathroom space and how much you can spend.

You must choose a towel rail design that matches your bathroom’s decor. Also, you must ensure that the model you purchase is compatible with your hot and cold water supply and thermostat. The good thing about having a heated towel rack is that you can keep your towels warm and damp for a long time without having to change them. Some manufacturers provide different types of towel rails according to the needs of the customers like a wet bar or an unheated towel rail. For bathrooms that have limited space, you should look for a compact model and you can install it in a small area without much difficulty.

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