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Stuck For Time And Topiary? Getting A Lovely Front Garden With Minimal Effort

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Whether you’re looking to add a bit more style to your home, or you are renovating it, a front garden is one of those things that everybody will have an opinion of right away. When people see your house, they want to have an insight as to what’s in store and indoors. But if you are stuck for time and you don’t know how to maintain your garden correctly let’s provide you with some inspiration.

house cottage

Fit It In With The Rest Of The Street 

Rule number one when it comes to sorting out the front of your house is if it’s going to upstage the rest of the road. While every residential road has a specific look, if you dress up your garden with implements too different from everything else, it may look striking, but not necessarily in the right way. This doesn’t mean that you should completely copy everything else around you. But the fact of the matter is when you’re looking for practical components, keeping it simple is more comfortable. If you are concerned about the grass, you can very easily install artificial grass. There are companies like Artificial Grass Basingstoke that can provide various types as well as different colours. That way you don’t go too far away from what the rest of the street looks like.

Think About The Time Of Year 

Making sure that the garden looks great in the winter is something that you may not necessarily consider. But because the nights draw in earlier, and there isn’t much in the way of daylight at all, having a slight glimpse of your greenery on the way to your car in the dark, dreary morning can give you a little pick-me-up. This means that you’ve got to think about the shapes of the space. As well as this, think about the right colours that provide a little bit more in the bleak midwinter.

Structure And Symmetry 

Go for straight lines rather than a vast cornucopia of styles. Keeping it simple isn’t just about a handful of plants, but it’s about ensuring that everything is uniform. That way, you won’t upstage the rest of the houses in the street, and there’s not much maintenance on your part. Because people have ambitions for the front garden, to realise these visions there is a lot of work required. Instead, go for structure and symmetry, and this automatically brings everything into focus.

Little Notions Of Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is crucial. Because people will decide on what your house is like based on the exterior, work with what you’ve already got. The garden shouldn’t be too much of a contrast to the design of the front of the house, but it should accent it. This means that when you think about colours, make sure they complement each other well rather than go the polar opposite. If you’ve got specific patterns, because you’ve got brick walls, accentuate them and use plants and symmetry to get a more structured look. Think about spacing as well, as this will help to emphasise what you’ve already got. Less is more. 

Having a lovely front garden is a wonderful thing, but it requires a lot of effort. Think about putting minimal effort in, but this means that you’ve got to put a little bit more effort into how you are going to lay everything out.

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